Minor Upside Warning

#VIXIndicator fired this at the close. Last one we got was on March 13th, and it was good for a 1.75% move up from that day’s close to intraday high 6 days later, before we stalled and pulled back a little.

Have Good WE all

Have Good WE all

TNA Rollup

At 3:59 THE STOCK POKED IT’S HEAD ABOVE 66.50 so had to roll at the market and got terrible fills at Schwab.
Bought to close TNA 04/12/2019 66.50 Calls @ 0.17. Originally sold on 4/05 @ 1.21.
Sold TNA 04/18/2019 68.50 Calls @ 0.38.
Still a nice gain and hopefully next week the market settles down.

PNC up and out

#Earnings I played this one exactly right… slightly bearish lean. Today’s +3.1% day is the highest one-day move up after earnings since January 2013. So, expiring with 3.00 exercise cost, $PNC #IronCondor, sold yesterday for 2.00.

#OptionsExpiration CMG 04/12/2019 665.00 Put…

CMG 04/12/2019 665.00 Put
FB 04/12/2019 182.50 Calls
OLED 04/12/2019 172.50 Calls
SLB 04/12/2019 46.50 Covered Calls
TNA 04/12/2019 67.00, 67.50, 68.00 and 68.50 Calls
TSLA 04/12/2019 285.00, 287.50 and 290.00 Calls

Shortened trading week next week. Options expire on Thursday

OLED Rollup

Bought to close OLED 04/12/2019 170.00 Calls / Sold OLED 04/18/2019 172.50 Calls @ 1.27 Credit + 2.50 Better strike

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Closed $SPX Apr 15th 2850/2830 put spreads and 2920 short calls for 1.40 total. Sold yesterday for 1.25. Leaving the 2940 long calls. Upside warning being reinstated today (VIX lowest since early October) and traded within expected move, so I’m out. May try to sell another same-day on Monday morning. The one from today is expiring:
SPX Apr 12th 2860/2880-2920/2935, sold for .80 this morning.