Have you experimented with Dbl Cal like Option Slam calls Double eagle?
Doug Robertson did these when he was with John Carter.


#ShortPuts #CoveredCalls – I’m short a DITM covered call out in June so turning it into a covered strangle with a put sale. Hoping this takes some heat. Filled immediately so maybe could’ve done better.

Sold 1 LABU JUN 21 2019 45.0 Put @ 2.65

Closed Early SPX OKTA LULU / Rolled TNDM / Short Calls GOOS

BTC 4/12 2935/2019 BECS at 2.00 STO at 3.41 Thank you @jeffcp66
BTC 5/17 75 put at .80. STO 1/22 at 7.70. Thank you @jsd501 for following the chart and sharing.
$LULU BTC 4/18 170/175 BECS at .80. STO 3/28 at 2.18

$TNDM BTC 4/12 68.50 and STO 4/18 68.50 put for additional .53 credit

$GOOS STO 4/12 49 call at .60 (covered)

A TRADE: I call it…

A TRADE: I call it a covered combo mambo strangle. ;>) = Long stock, short a put and a call.

NVTA STO 4/18/19 25.0 CALLS @1.00
NVTA STO 4/18/19 25.0 PUTS @1.05 3 Day’s and an hour to expiration.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Apr 10th 2825/2845-2900/2925 condors for .80. (IV: 8.99%, SPX: 2877)

UVXY call spread

Sold $UVXY 5/24 45/55 bear call spread @ 1.34

A TRADE: Boring day.

AMD STO 4/12/19 28.0 NTM CALLS @.30

T Earnings

#ShortPuts #Earnings – Re-loading for earnings…

Sold T APR 26 2019 31.5 Puts @ .51

Tradestation issues

Obviously they do not understand options. Received an immediate margin call notice on my QQQ spread I opened yesterday. Telling me I need $2000 per spread even though I was long the 175 QQQ 2020 and short next Friday 184.5 calls. No risk since my long is a lower strike than the short and I still have a positive cash balance.

Anyway, apparently this changed 2 years ago from what the margin dept. told me. Stick with TOS or the other platforms that understand how to calculate option risk. Had not done spreads in this account in a while so FYI!!

With that said, closed the QQQ #fuzzy for basically the cost of commissions, out $24. Now I can’t trade until tomorrow because they reset cash values at midnight.

The more I try other platforms the more I realize how good TOS is :).

#closing WYNN In August I…

#closing WYNN

In August I was assigned on a 155/165 put spread. Through all sorts of wrangling and dividends I was able to get the basis down to 136. Closed out today, making a little over $200. The takeover announcement, earnings coming up and being in the black led me to close the position.