Roll GOOS Calls / Closing NFLX / SPX Campaign

$GOOS BTC 4/26 51 calls and STO 5/17 55 calls at .80 debit. Stock at 52.73.

$NFLX BTC 4/18 345/355/375/365 at 1.50. STO yesterday at 8.40. Thank you @jeffcp66. I was away from trading this morning and placed orders for the $NFLX trades last night. I know I am not good, but this time lucky.

$NFLX BTC 4/18 340/350 BUPS at .40. STO 3/15 at 2.73
$NFLX BTC 4/18 310/330 BUPS at .20. STO 3/15 at 3.81

Above were partly offset by the $NFLX BTO 4/18 370 calls and 350 calls which were closed for 90% losses.

$SPX 4/17 2665/2685/2950/2930 Expired. STO at .90. Thank you @jeffcp66

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Apr 18th (weeklys) 2850/2870-2925/2945 condors for .90. (IV 9.42% SPX 2901)

I’m going to close the put side of my monthly spread to avoid gap risk. Hopefully for .10, but may be .15 or .20.


AMD 5/3/19 STO 28.0 NTM CALLS @1.62 Trading around a stock position.

HON dub cal

#Earnings Bought to Open $HON Apr18/Apr26 162.5 #DoubleCalendar for .55.

#earnings #longcalls SKX I bought…

#earnings #longcalls SKX
I bought a May 17, 35 call for 2.64. I own 100 shares from getting assigned last September, also short a 24 call (yes 24) with a cost basis of 31 for the position.

SKX strangle

Earnings #LongStrangle
Was planning for a #LongStraddle but since price is between strikes and stock has bullish bias on earnings,

Bought $SKX 35/35.5 strangle for 4.15. Need a 12.5% move in either direction to breakeven. Avg move on stock has been 16.2%.


STO September 25 puts @ 1.90