Rolling BA GOOS Calls / Close T Puts EHTH BUCS BIIB BUPS / Early Assignment BA Put

$BA BTC 4/18 420 call and STO 4/26 390 call at 3.40 credit. These are sold against 1/2020 380 call

$GOOS BTC 4/12 49 call and STO 4/26 51 call at even. Hope I am not cooking my own you know what.

$T BTC 4/18 31 puts at .05. STO at 1.60 on 1/24. Thank you @jeffcp66

$EHTH STC 4/18 55/65 BUCS at 9.30. BTO 3/18 at 4.32

$BIIB BTC 4/18 215/225 BUPS at .20 STO on 3/27 on a drug test disappointment at 2.65
$BA Had a 400/410 BUPS STO for 2.00 410 assigned today and I just exercised the 400 for the net 8.00 loss

BKNG call spread

Not a typical trade for me, but I’m trying to find some high IV in this environment so I’m doing a small position on this. Sold $BKNG 5/3 (weekly) 1870/1880 bear call spread @ 2.60 credit. The stock did break above the 50 day moving average today but the downtrending 200 day moving average has served as pretty reliable resistance since August. The short strike (delta of 29) is above the 200dma, which is currently around 1862. A couple of notes of caution–I’m guessing on the earnings date since it hasn’t been announced yet officially, using previous reporting dates and market maker options pricing to infer something in the week of the 5/10 expiration so I went with the Friday before. Also, the liquidity on options on this stock is not very good, and especially illiquid in the weekly expirations so another reason to keep this trade small.


#DiagonalBearCallSpreads – Taking some more risk off…

Bought to Close UVXY APR 18 2019 47.5 Call @ .18 (sold for 2.00)

#Coveredcalls NUGT bought to close…

#Coveredcalls NUGT bought to close my April 18th 23 calls for .03. Will look to cover up again on a bounce.


STC NVDA #supercharger Apr 12 182.5/185.0 Calls $2.40 bought 4-8 for 1.95
STC RH #Supercharger May 17 110/115 Calls $3.15 bought Apr 8 for 2.40
TLT Put #Supercharger Apr 18 125/123 Puts $1.26 bought 4-1 for $.86

so far so good. I called them #supercharger but they could be called #bitties

and MarketTide is helping


#ShortPuts #IRA – Bought to Close NVDA APR 26 2019 165.0 Put @ .25 (sold for 3.01)


AMD STO 4/12/19 28.0 ATM PUTS @.45 Expires tomorrow. Want the stock a little cheaper.
CZR STO 4/18/19 9.5 ITM PUTS @.40