BKNG call spread

Not a typical trade for me, but I’m trying to find some high IV in this environment so I’m doing a small position on this. Sold $BKNG 5/3 (weekly) 1870/1880 bear call spread @ 2.60 credit. The stock did break above the 50 day moving average today but the downtrending 200 day moving average has served as pretty reliable resistance since August. The short strike (delta of 29) is above the 200dma, which is currently around 1862. A couple of notes of caution–I’m guessing on the earnings date since it hasn’t been announced yet officially, using previous reporting dates and market maker options pricing to infer something in the week of the 5/10 expiration so I went with the Friday before. Also, the liquidity on options on this stock is not very good, and especially illiquid in the weekly expirations so another reason to keep this trade small.