Speculative trades

Small accounts, small size, IRAs. Don’t bet the farm on these types of trades.

LABU 5/3 49 put STO for 1.05
LABU 5/3 50 cc for cost basis of 48.30.
TQQQ 5/3 66 cc for cost of 65.03.

Will let call out, assign, or expire.

Hopefully the bottom does not fall out in 3-4 days, if so will roll as long as needed. All of these are 78.4% + annualized or better.


$AAPL STO 5/3 212.50 calls at 1.70
$DOVA STO 5/17 10 calls at .90
$SFIX STO 5/3 28 calls at .30
$FB STO 5/3 195 calls at 1.10
$BURL BTC 5/3 165 call and STO 5/10 170 call for 3.40 debit. Stock currently at 171.35.


AMD STC STOCK @27.72 Earnings tomorrow, AMC.

SPX 1-dter

#SPX1dte We get an extra series this week, since the EOM (end-of-month) options expire on Tuesday.

Sold to Open $SPX Apr 30th 2900/2920-2970/2985 condors for .80. (IV: 8.73%, SPX: 2948)

SPX rolling

#SPX1dte BTC $SPX Apr 30th 2950/2970 call spreads for 4.05. Sold condors for 3.80 on Apr 15th. Too close for comfort.

#Rolling Sold SPX May 8th 2865/2890/2985/3010 condors for 4.55. My first 3,000+ strike!

Also, BTC Today’s 2955 calls for .10. Sold in the call spread this morning for .75.

GOOGL condor

#Earnings Sold to Open $GOOGL May 3rd 1210/1220-1340/1350 #IronCondor for 2.15.

Closed SPX 4/29 Early

$SPX BTC 4/29 call side at .50. STO Friday at .90. I’ll let Put side expire. Thank you @jeff

Adding a put spread in SPOT

With the volume drying up, I added a bull put spread to the bear call spread I sold earlier this morning, to create an iron condor. Sold $SPOT 5/17 130/120 BuPS @ 1.50. Position is now 120/130/145/155 iron condor with total premium taken in around 1/3 the width of the strikes (3.23 for both sides). Short put strike at 26 delta.


Dbl Cal 05/03 05/10 190 – 200 $.63


IRBT BTO STOCK @102.90 An addition.
IRBT BTO STOCK @103.40 ” ” “