Schwab at zero

Okay who is with Schwab and can you find out how much SPX option commissions will be?

#earnings SFIX Sold an Oct….

#earnings SFIX

Sold an Oct. 18 20 straddle for 5.10.

#shortputs TRTN Sold Nov. 18,…

#shortputs TRTN

Sold Nov. 18, 30 put for .60

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Oct 2nd 2870/2890-2980/3000 condors for .867, IV 13.55%, SPX 2946.

DRIP call spreads

Looking at short calls again but went with spreads in some smaller accounts to keep buying power requirements down.
Sold $DRIP 12/20 125/135 bear call spreads @ 1.31-1.33

SFIX Earnings Long Call

BTO $SFIX Oct 11 $23 Call at $1.40

Volume profile has a huge pocket above current price to about 26.50 or so, with Point of Control around 27.50.  TOS has expected move at 4.33 or so at time of trade.  We’ll see what happens this afternoon.  YOLO!

#options Got an interesting call…

Got an interesting call from Schwab today.
Not only are they eliminating stock commissions, but also the per ticket charge on option trades, which was not widely talked about in the press releases that I read.
Good news for me as most of my trades are small quantities these days.