SPX Monday

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Oct 14th 2800/2825-2985/3010 condors for 3.15, IV: 17.01%, SPX close: 2919.

Sold a couple minutes after the closing bell.


#Market So we opened the day higher due to reports that “China is open to a partial US trade deal.”

Now this:


SBUX iron condor

Sold $SBUX 11/15 iron condor: 70/80/90/100 @ 2.07 with the stock at 85.91. IV rank is high at 69, partly because of earnings in the cycle (expected 10/30 or 10/31 but not yet confirmed). I plan to be out of this trade before then, hopefully for a profit if contracting IV and theta cooperate.

SPX aggressive

#SPX1dte I am considering the Downside Warning and general market weakness. I look at the daily chart and see resistance at 2950 for most of August. I’ve been burned on some of these aggressive spreads recently so I’ll keep a tight leash on it. The biggest risk is, of course, news or a tweet.

Sold to Open $SPX Oct 14th 2950/2975 call spreads for 7.00.


BTC DPZ 210/220/270/280 Oct 18 2019 #IC @0.25 (0.05 put and 0.20 call side 0.25 total) – was STO 10/7/2019 @ 1.55

Once again Jeff – many thanks for the data!

#earnings DAL Sold Nov. 15,…

#earnings DAL

Sold Nov. 15, 50/57.50 strangle for 1.64.
Thanks for the data Jeff.

#fallingknife #shortputs NKTR Sold Nov….

#fallingknife #shortputs NKTR HP

Sold Nov. 15, 35 put for 1.55 with stock at 36, earnings Nov. 13.
Sold Nov. 15, 15 put for .85 with stock in the low 16s
Thanks for the #fallingknife list Iceman