New UVXY Diagonal Call Spread
Sold UVXY 10/04/2019 30.00 Calls / Bought UVXY 11/15/2019 50.00 Calls @ 0.25 Credit.
UVXY closed above 30.0 but the short can be rolled many, many times between now and November.
But even a slight market bounce between now and Friday could cause the short to expire.

I’m still short Puts at strikes 24, 25 and 26 and other calls at strikes 33 and 34.


New SLB Diagonal Put Spread
Sold SLB 10/11/2019 31.00 Puts / Bought SLB 11/15/2019 25.00 Puts @ 0.20 Credit.
Obviously I was early, given what the market did today.

CMG early rollout

Before things got ugly, on the open this morning this morning:
Bought to close CMG 10/04/2019 777.50 Calls / Sold CMG 10/11/2019 780.00 Calls @ 0.30 Credit + 2.50 better strike for next week.

Later in the day, Sold to open CMG 10/04/2019 750.00 Puts @ 0.60 with the stock around 809. Sold these against long October monthly Puts left over from earlier spreads. #DoubleDip

Downside Warning in effect

#VIXIndicator So after the failure of the Upside, we entered a Downside at today’s close. This signal usually means the market goes lower over the coming days.

NUGT closings

Just catching up on my trades.
I closed both of these positions for around overall breakeven (they were rollouts from losing Sep short calls).
-Bought to close $NUGT 12/20 53 calls @ 1.18. Overall profit .11.
-Bought to close $NUGT 10/18 32 calls @ 1.63. Overall profit .22.

My only remaining NUGT position is short 10/18 27 calls (another one from a Sep rollout).

SPX Monday

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Oct 7th 2780/2805-2960/2985 condors for 2.80, IV 17.29%, SPX 2889. Using expected move to down side as stop; half expected move to upside.

#oilu and #oild Does anyone…

#oilu and #oild
Does anyone here have experience with the above?
With the 0 fees on TD I am thinking of shorting and going long on these.
or selling call etc.