STO $ISRG 585/595 Oct 25 #BeCS @1.20. Stock @566.69


Expiring $ISRG 470/480 #BuPS – STO 9/12 @1.5
Expiring $NFLX 225/235 #BuPS – STO 10/3 @1.56
Expiring $OSTK 20 Calls (covered) – STO 9/20@ 0.95 when the stock was a lot closer to $20.

Have a good weekend all!

There’s no high in TEAM

#Earnings Sold to close $TEAM Oct18/Oct25 122 #DoubleCalendar for 1.60. Bought yesterday for 1.34

The time to close this was at the open…. it unfortunately dropped most of the day, but then came back enough to give us a small profit.

Have a nice weekend

I am done for the day and who knows what the news will be on the weekend.

Closing SFIX call/synthetic long

$SFIX has had a good run in the past week, so I’m taking profits.  I entered into a Synthetic Long Call $21.00 with Nov 15 expiration on 10/10 for $0.25 debit.  I closed the Nov 15 $21.00 put side yesterday at a $0.50 debit.  Day traded a Nov 8 $22.00 call today at the lows (BTO $1.60) and closed it with my Nov 15 $21.00 Call for credit of $4.80 – so net profit at $2.45.

Still bullish on this one long term, but it looks like a pattern is forming, and while not overbought yet, I could see it dipping back down over the next few days.  I’m a “TastyBites” guy as well, so I don’t have the margin to trade multiple lots and take profits off of table a bit at a time!

All cash going into weekend– have a good couple of days off and see you next week.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Oct 21st 2935/2955-3025/3040 condors for 1.20, IV: 8.07%, SPX 2993.

Expiring worthless today: Oct 18th 2950/2960-3025/3035, sold yesterday for .45 (dbl size)


STO January 300 put at 5.40 on 1 contract. I will be adding if it goes lower.It works out to an 11% return for 91 days.