STO $ISRG 585/595 Oct 25 #BeCS @1.20. Stock @566.69


Expiring $ISRG 470/480 #BuPS – STO 9/12 @1.5
Expiring $NFLX 225/235 #BuPS – STO 10/3 @1.56
Expiring $OSTK 20 Calls (covered) – STO 9/20@ 0.95 when the stock was a lot closer to $20.

Have a good weekend all!

There’s no high in TEAM

#Earnings Sold to close $TEAM Oct18/Oct25 122 #DoubleCalendar for 1.60. Bought yesterday for 1.34

The time to close this was at the open…. it unfortunately dropped most of the day, but then came back enough to give us a small profit.

Have a nice weekend

I am done for the day and who knows what the news will be on the weekend.

Closing SFIX call/synthetic long

$SFIX has had a good run in the past week, so I’m taking profits.  I entered into a Synthetic Long Call $21.00 with Nov 15 expiration on 10/10 for $0.25 debit.  I closed the Nov 15 $21.00 put side yesterday at a $0.50 debit.  Day traded a Nov 8 $22.00 call today at the lows (BTO $1.60) and closed it with my Nov 15 $21.00 Call for credit of $4.80 – so net profit at $2.45.

Still bullish on this one long term, but it looks like a pattern is forming, and while not overbought yet, I could see it dipping back down over the next few days.  I’m a “TastyBites” guy as well, so I don’t have the margin to trade multiple lots and take profits off of table a bit at a time!

All cash going into weekend– have a good couple of days off and see you next week.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Oct 21st 2935/2955-3025/3040 condors for 1.20, IV: 8.07%, SPX 2993.

Expiring worthless today: Oct 18th 2950/2960-3025/3035, sold yesterday for .45 (dbl size)


STO January 300 put at 5.40 on 1 contract. I will be adding if it goes lower.It works out to an 11% return for 91 days.

Stuff happening next week

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 11.02.17 AM
Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 11.02.17 AM

Link to calendar: https://us.econoday.com/byweek.asp?day=21&month=10&year=2019&cust=us&lid=0


STO November 15,250 put at 2.65, adding to the position so, now short 2 at 3.95

ISRG Earnings

#JadeLizards #Earnings – Well that didn’t go how I wanted but no harm no foul. Letting it go out exercised (for free!!) and a 25 dollar profit.

Original trade:

Sold ISRG OCT 18 2019 460.0/505.0/530.0/535.0 Jade Lizard @ 5.25


#ShortPuts – Jumping back in with a starter out in Dec. Hopefully get chances to add a few more before then.

Sold XBI DEC 20 2019 75.0 Put @ 1.93


#CoveredCalls – Still chipping away to get out of the last bit of this position…

Bought to Close LABU OCT 18 2019 34.0 Call @ .05 (sold for 1.81)
Sold LABU NOV 01 2019 34.0 Call @ 1.30

#closing #shortputs TRTN Oct. 1,…

#closing #shortputs TRTN

Oct. 1, sold a Nov. 15, 30 put for .60, bought today for .20.


#CoveredCalls – Almost done for the day finishing a nice week. Just a bunch of ITM covered calls to roll so the little pullback today is helping.

LABU: Still watching 34 strike today…

NVDA: Completely run over after selling ITM call. Debit roll but gets call to breakeven. I’ll add on a pullback.
Rolled NVDA OCT 18 2019 155.0 Call to DEC 20 2019 160.0 Call @ 2.25 debit

REGN: Another roll after this then the big roll into earnings.
Rolled REGN OCT 18 2019 297.5 Call to OCT 25 2019 300.0 Call @ .95 credit

SQ: Roll into the week before earnings.
Rolled SQ OCT 18 2019 60.0 Calls to NOV 1 2019 61.0 Calls @ .35 credit

TNA: Nicely profitable on these so holding a little longer picking up 1.10 while keeping some protection.
Rolled TNA OCT 18 2019 54.0 Calls to NOV 01 2019 54.5 Calls @ .60 credit

WYNN: Rolled into earnings.
Rolled WYNN OCT 18 2019 105.0 Calls to NOV 08 2019 107.0 Calls @ .10 credit


#ShortPuts – Nice rally right up to the 50ma. Completely out now but watching for a re-load…

Bought to Close XBI NOV 01 2019 75.0 Put @ .24 (sold for 2.10)
Bought to Close XBI NOV 15 2019 73.0 Put @ .34 (sold for 2.10)


BTC $TEAM 135/145 10/25 #BeCs @0.07 STO 10/17 @1.02 as part of a 100/110/135/145 #IC (overall sold @2.05).