$MRVL STO 1/17 26 puts at .40


Been wondering why some IVs and expected moves have been a little off compared to upcoming earnings dates. Totally forgot phase 1 of the China deal is scheduled to get signed on the 15th. That could be throwing things off a little since there’s still always a chance it’ll fall through last second.

Just guessing….


#ShortPuts – I can’t believe I’m doing this on a big up day but here goes. Should allow for two rolls before earnings and guessing earnings premium will be jacked this quarter for a possible re-load.

Sold TSLA JAN 24 2020 425.0 Put @ 4.00


BTO February 21 85/105 call spread at 4.45, stock is breaking out on volume.

X 11 Call/ADMP+AGRX calls

Haven’t been doing any trading lately, both due to the holidays and I’ve been interviewing and preparing for a new job I just started yesterday!

I dipped my toe back in with a long one lot $X 11 Call Feb 21 expiration.  Underlying at $11.20 at time of trade.

Both of my $AGRX calls are up about $0.50 a piece, holding through their delayed approval date.

$ADMP calls are still down as well, but planning on holding those same as the Agile calls for now.

Can’t wait to start trading my 401k from my last position once the ACAT goes through!

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Jan 8th 3185/3205-3260/3280 condors for .80. IV: 8.16%, SPX 3239.


Didn’t post this trade the other day due to travels, current events, etc.

1/3/2020 – BTO $TSLA Jan 17 2020 420 Long Calls @34.75.
1/7/2020 – STC $TSLA Jan 17 2020 420 Long Calls – Trailing stop triggered @49.39.

Continuing to watch the ticker, I could have done better with more time and a stop that wasn’t as tight, but, I’ll take it.