LK Puts Rolled / TNDM Puts / NUGT Strangle / MCD DbCal

$LK BTC 1/31 44 puts and STO 2/21 40 puts at $2 debit but would cost me $4 less if assigned. Hoping the medical complex bests coronavirus soon. Or, someone discovers coffee inhibits the virus.
$TNDM STO 2/21 73.50 put at 2.25, Thank you @jsd501

$NUGT STO 2/21 31/36 at 2.78 The 36 call is covered

#doublecalendar #earnings
$MCD Closed three legs of trade guaranteeing .69 per contract profit. Remaining leg is the 2/7 long 212.50 put.
Thank you for the idea @jeffcp66 and for your cogent webinar on subject.


BTO Earnings BF Jan 31 1915/1922.50/1930 $0.24


Up almost 10% after reporting

PYPL covered calls

Sold $PYPL 3/20 125 calls @ 1.25. Covered by long stock. Strike price is at 23 delta and is above the all time high in the stock so I’m comfortable getting called out of my shares if it gets that high. But it would still have to eat through quite a bit of resistance to get there.

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Jan 31st 3190/3210-3305/3325 condors for 1.30, IV 13.99%, SPX 3267, deltas -.08, .06

SPX bearish closed

#SPX1dte Sold to close $SPX Jan 31st 3200/3180 put spreads for .80. Bought Tuesday for 2.65.

HSY closed

#Earnings STC $HSY Jan31/Feb07 150/152.5 #DoubleCalendar for .417. Bought yesterday for .69.


#Earnings Sold to Open $AMZN Jan 31st 1840/1860/1880 #IronButterfly for 18.50. Narrowed to 20 from my usual 30-wide to reduce risk.


STO March 6, 160 puts at 1.21

STO SPY 315 puts at 1.30 for February 7 expiration


STO March 20, 40 calls at 3.02, I will be assigned the $40 puts on the Friday expiration. I still like this for the long term.