$AMZN STC 1/17/ 1820/1860 BUCS at 35. BTO 11/27 at 18.54. Late Christmas present. Held it longer than prudent.

LK Calls Rolled

$LK BTC 1/17 36 calls and STO 2/21 46 calls at debit of 4.43. Stock jumped to 44.37.

Jobs tomorrow

Don’t forget, the Jobs report is released before the open tomorrow. This market tends to like catalysts for quick moves.

How low can you go?

#VXXgame Now that the Great Iran Volatility Event of 2020 has ended (or at least paused), we hit new all-time lows on $VXX and $UVXY today.


STO IC Feb 21 52/50 43/41 $0.50 Tasty Trade Idea

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Jan 10th 3235/3210 put spreads for .70. Not yet sure what I’ll do with call side, if anything.

Also getting out of the Jan 13th 3290/3315 call spread sold yesterday. I don’t know why I made the same trade as last week that crushed me. At least this time the loss will be small. I will now stop thinking upward momentum MUST slow down. Apparently, it does not.

#earnings #closing STZ A couple…

#earnings #closing STZ

A couple days ago I mistakenly bought a long strangle, would have been a nice trade had I executed it properly and sold it. Closed the put the other day, sold the call today for a small gain, overall lost about $90.