SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold $SPX Jan 15th 3220/3240-3305/3325 condors for 1.00, IV 9.28%, SPX 3281

#earnings #shortstrangles GS Sold Feb….

#earnings #shortstrangles GS

Sold Feb. 21 220/270 strangle for 2.01. This is outside the 1 day max moves.

Thanks for the data Jeff.

#earnings #closing DAL Bought Feb….

#earnings #closing DAL

Bought Feb. 21 straddle for 3.79. sold yesterday for 4.05.


#ShortPuts – Missed this yesterday while out all day helping a friend move. Taking a starter now prior to earnings.

Sold EXAS FEB 14 2020 87.5 Put @ 2.20


STO February 21, 75 put at 2.10, They mine lithium  for batteries.

Risky Risk/Reversal

#SPX1dte Okay, so I’m taking a shot that this weakness it temporary and bullish trend will continue this week.

Sold to open $SPX Jan 17th 3250/3225 put spreads for 1.90.
Bought to open $SPX Jan 17th 3315/3330 call spreads for 1.60.

I’m not going to look for my call spread to become ITM… just any modest increase in price will be good enough to close it.



#BearCallSpreads – Adding a couple more…

Sold UVXY FEB 21 2020 13.0/30.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .72

SPX closed

#SPX1dte BTC $SPX Jan 17th 3320/3345 call spreads for 2.25. Paid 2.35 for the condor yesterday.

I did this literally 30 seconds before the huge spike down. Unbelievable!

My plan was to allow put side to expire, add a closer put spread and BUY a call spread. I may still do this, but have to watch for awhile to see what happens. Market is bullish, and I truly don’t understand how it has reacted or will react to the volatile trade situation. No one does.

News flash


LK Put Closed

$LK BTC 1/17 36 put at .05. STO at 1.35 on 1/8