BTC STNE 17 JAN 20 37 PUT @.25…..STO 12/27 @.75….thanks @geewhiz112 for the ticker

AMD Puts Closed / AMZN BUCS Closed

$AMD BTC 1/17 40 put at .10 STO at 1.32. Thank you @ramie77

$AMZN Partial STC 1/17 1820/1860 BUCS at 30.00. BTO at 18.54 on 11/27

#perpetualrollingstrangles TSLA I sure don’t…

#perpetualrollingstrangles TSLA

I sure don’t want it to be perpetual;

Rolled inverted 300/430 strangle from Jan. 17 to Feb. 21 for 16.95. I have collected 85.61. Motley Fool now says it’s a buy.


STO March 20, 40 puts at 2.45

SPX 1-dte

#SPX1dte Sold to Open $SPX Jan 3rd 3200/3220-3270/3290 condors for .85, IV 7.75%, SPX 3247.


#BearCallSpreads – Nat gas approaching multi year lows so taking a slightly long starter position for the winter.

Sold KOLD FEB 21 2020 45.0/53.0 Bear Call Spread @ 1.77

SPX long calls

#SPX1dte Went long on the pullback as I think we will stair step higher for next few days; warning, however… what I “think” has not been working too well lately!

Bought to Open $SPX Jan 6th 3265/3280 call spreads for 1.45.


#ShortPuts – Selling the week before earnings and at the expected move and below the 50 and 200 day moving averages. Selling the week prior sets up nicely for either a roll into earnings or a juicy covered call sale or another put sale. This is also the weakest ticker in my main watchlist today.

Sold ILMN JAN 24 2020 300.0 Put @ 3.60

Beware: There might be some news driven event the week prior to my sale. The IV is higher for the week of Jan 17 expiration.

T Puts

$T STO 1/10 38.50 put for .48. Ex dividend 1/9. Plan is stock go up in next few days as investors buy for the dividend.
If stock put to me I expect stock to rise into earnings on 1/29. I actually thought this out. Must be a new year.

Good Morning

Good Morning


STO February 14, 334/340 bear call spread at .55, delta of .15 on the short call.

STNE Call Rolled

$STNE BTC 1/10 40 call and STO 1/17 42 call at .98 debit. Stock at 42.11 this morning. Buffet likes it, and I love buffets.


STO T Feb 21 2020 T 40 #CoveredCall @.52

One Shoe At A Time BOOT Puts

$BOOT STO 1/17 45 puts at 1.85.

Monster rally continues

#SPX1dte I resolve in 2020 to ask before putting on certain trades: “Is it a better risk to BUY or SELL this spread?” I should have asked that Tuesday when I sold a call spread during this Upside Warning and blistering rally!

Happy New Year everyone! 3,500 on S&P this year? Or will that threatened recession start?