TQQQ Closed

$TQQQ STC 1/17/2020 66.67 calls at 19.60. BTO 11/12/2018 at 8.20. This was the position I had been selling calls during the year. 42 rolls in all. The 19.60 price was from a 21.50 stop. Option closed the day at 23.00. I believe I bottom ticked with a little help from Market maker. Now for the Makers Mark

ROKU LABU EXAS Covered Call / OKTA BUPS (not the eight legged inker)

$ROKU STO 1/10 144 call at 3.60
$LABU STO 1/10 56 call at 1.50
$EXAS STO 1/10 97 call at 1.30

$OKTA STO 2/21 105/115 BUPS at 3.10

SPX Campaign

Closed my Jan 10th 3120/3100 BuPS @ 0.25.  Will look to reload tomorrow.

SPX puts closed

#SPX1dte BTC $SPX Jan 6th 3175 puts for .05. Spreads sold for .40 on Friday.


Seems to be a lot of premium in AMD, earnings not until Jan. 27. Just looking right now.


STO February 21, 85 puts at 2.60, stock is at 99.50

#rolling #coveredcalls SBUX Rolled 85…

#rolling #coveredcalls SBUX

Rolled 85 call to February bringing cost basis to 84.21, may pick up dividend of .40. This was an October ratio spread that went bad, was assigned at 92.50.


STO Feb., 30 puts at 2.55, nice pull back today.