NUGT Calls / Roll LABU Calls / Roll LK Puts

$NUGT STO 1/10 35 calls at .56. Wish I had sold stock first thing this morning. A lot slow on trigger.
$LABU BTC 1/10 56 calls and STO 1/17 58 calls at .31 credit. Stock at 58.07.

$LK BTC 1/10 35 puts and STO 1/17 36 puts at .88 credit. Stock at 39.46.

SPX lucky expiration

#SPX1dte That was NOT a fun run up to 3267. But my condor from yesterday has expired worthless.
$SPX Jan 8th 3190/3210-3260/3280, sold yesterday for .80.

#earnings BBBY Sold, (double checked)…

#earnings BBBY

Sold, (double checked) a 17 straddle, Feb. 17, for 3.31



Getting out of the double vertical with beer money. Closed the long side for .80 on the last spike but vol getting hammered again so bailing here.

Bought to Close VIX JAN 22 2020 13.5/11.5 Bull Put Spreads @ .71

Originally put the trade on for .05 credit so made .14 woohoo!

Missiles flying, airliners getting shot down, impeachments flying everywhere and we can’t get a volatility spike for more than a couple hours. Crazy days we’re in…


Covered call, BTO stock at 62.70 and STO January 17, 65 call at 1.30, I like the sector and it tested the 50 dayMA.

#earnings STZ Mistake- I inadvertantly…

#earnings STZ

Mistake- I inadvertantly bought a strangle yesterday. I was using my phone from the airport, I’ll blame my eyes. Argghh.
Sold the put for .45, bought for 1.37, hanging on to the very slightly profitable call.

Closing EXPE

Bought to close $EXPE 4/17 75 puts @ .40. Sold for 1.20 on 11/8/19. Taking the nearly 70% profit off the table with still over 3 months to go to expiration.