TSLA calls Did you see…

TSLA calls

Did you see Feb21 TSLA calls at $1,000 strike are $2.40.
Can TSLA go that high? 🙂 🙂 🙂

$DIS #CoveredCallRoll Rolled Jan 24…

$DIS #CoveredCallRoll

Rolled Jan 24 $135 call to Feb 14 $136 call for $0.05 debit.

Hope you guys are having a great week.


STO March 20, 45 puts at 1.50

#earnings VFC Sold Feb. 21,…

#earnings VFC

Sold Feb. 21, 80/87.50/102/107 #ironcondor for 1.15


STO February 21, 90 puts at 2.90

CTXS earnings analysis & trade

#Earnings $CTXS reports tonight. Below are details on earnings one-day moves over the last 12 quarters.

Oct. 24, 2019 AC -1.97%
July 24, 2019 AC -5.60%
April 24, 2019 AC -0.93%
Jan. 23, 2019 AC -6.25%
Oct. 24, 2018 AC +2.12%
July 25, 2018 AC +3.45%
April 25, 2018 AC +4.75% Biggest UP
Jan. 31, 2018 AC +0.72%
Oct. 25, 2017 AC -1.49%
Aug. 2, 2017 AC -2.02%
April 26, 2017 AC -3.18%
Jan. 25, 2017 AC -6.49% Biggest DOWN

Avg (+ or -) 3.25%
Bias -1.41%, negative bias on earnings.

With stock at 119.40 the data suggests these ranges:
Based on current IV (expected move into Friday per TOS): 114.03 to 124.77
Based on AVERAGE one-day move over last 12 quarters: 115.14 to 122.86
Based on MAXIMUM one-day move over last 12 Q’s (6.5%): 111.28 to 126.72
Based on UP max only (+4.8%): 124.65

Open to requests for other symbols.

#doublecalemndar, #doublecalendar


#ShortPuts – See if we can get a pullback to at least the 50ma. Starter position…

Sold UDOW FEB 21 2020 122.0 Put @ 2.05


STO March 20, 40 puts at 1.82

BA News

Boeing’s earnings could be ‘an absolute disaster,’ analyst says
MARKETWATCH 12:22 PM ET 1/22/2020

BA 304.34up -9.03 (-2.88%)

Analysts dial back expectations after Boeing delays expected 737 Max return

Boeing Co.’s (BA) fourth-quarter earnings are shaping up to be “an absolute disaster” after the aerospace company pushed back its 737 Max return to service timeline to possibly midyear.

That’s from analyst Robert Stallard at Vertical Research Partners, who on Wednesday downgraded Boeing (BA) stock to hold and lowered his price target on the stock to $294 from $388. Others on Wall Street joined Stallard on dialing back their expectations for Boeing in the wake of Tuesday’s 737 Max update.

Boeing said Tuesday it doesn’t expect regulators to approve the 737 Max’s return until mid-2020, (http:// www.marketwatch.com/story/boeing-says-it-doesnt-expect-737-max-return-until-mid-2020-2020-01-21) a delay from a previous expectation of early April. The aircraft has been grounded since March after two deadly crashes less than five months apart and linked to a malfunctioning antistall system.

Tuesday’s push-out in the estimated 737 Max return-to-service is “bad enough,” and its ramifications “have yet to reverberate,” Stallard said.

“From a Boeing perspective, this means over a year without deliveries of its most profitable product line, while customer compensation costs are likely to be higher than previously thought,” he said. “As we noted in our 4Q19 earnings preview, we are expecting Boeing’s(BA) up-coming results to be ‘an absolute disaster,’ and that now looks guaranteed.”

Related:Boeing’s debt on review for downgrade by Moody’s (http://www.marketwatch.com/story/boeings-debt-on-review-for- downgrade-by-moodys-2020-01-13)

A return to service in the third quarter would also mean more than six months of the 737 production line being dormant, “and firing up the line and the supply chain post-stoppage is likely to be more challenging than anticipated,” he said. Meanwhile, there’s also risk of “further downside” with other Boeing planes.

Analysts at CFRA also lowered their rating on Boeing stock to hold and their price target to $350 from $427. The FactSet average price target on Boeing is $363.72, an upside around 19% from Wednesday’s prices.

“We still think (Boeing) has an amazing aerospace franchise, a strong order book and strong commercial, military, and services businesses that will persist for many years; however, we think the Max grounding has gone on far longer than our initial worst-case scenarios, and we worry that the company does not have the right people in place to manage this crisis,” the analysts, led by Jim Corridore, said in a note.

Boeing installed a new chief executive last week (http://www.marketwatch.com/story/former-boeing-ceo-loses-bonus- severance-new-ceo-to-earn-14-millionyear-2020-01-10), and several top executives have left the company. Earlier this month, the company came under fire after emails emerged showing Boeing employees criticizing the 737 Max design and bragging about fooling federal aviation authorities.

All eyes will be on Boeing’s(BA) fourth-quarter results and the company’s outlook for 2020, analysts at Canaccord Genuity said.

See also:Boeing likely to take ‘substantial charge’ on 737 Max: analyst (http://www.marketwatch.com/story/boeing- likely-to-take-substantial-charge-on-737-max-analyst-2020-01-17)

Besides concerns about the actual return to service and production rate for the 737 Max, the eventual timing of airlines getting their Max planes back to their fleets “will likely take longer than expected” due to factors such as pilot training and international reviews, the Canaccord analysts, led by Ken Herbert, said.

Boeing is expected to release its fourth-quarter results next Wednesday before the bell, with a conference call with analysts at 10:30 a.m. Eastern.

Analysts polled by FactSet expect Boeing to report adjusted profit of 73 cents a share on sales of $21.5 billion. That would compare with adjusted earnings of $5.48 a share on sales of $28.3 billion in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Boeing shares have lost 15% in the past 12 months, contrasting with gains of 26% and 20% for the S&P 500 index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average in the same period.

MOMO is down 7% JUL17,…

MOMO is down 7%
JUL17, 2020 25 PUT is @1.40

#shortputs UNG Sold feb. 21,…

#shortputs UNG

Sold Feb. 21, 15 put for .73


STO IC Feb 21108/106 120/122 $0.55


BTC March 20, 110 puts at 2.65,these were sold at 6.60, so a 60%                                                   profit about 2 months early.


STO Feb 21 105/110 BeCS for 1.18 when stock just above 100.
Looks like it could pull back or settle here around 100.
Earnings Feb 19, but hope to be out before then.


BTO May 310/330 call spread and STO 290 put for a credit of 2.50


STO April 17, 200 puts at 4.20

TSLA Earnings

Earnings not until next week. The premiums are absolutely off the charts. Strangles 100 dollars OTM going for 18 dollars. 84 dollar expected move right now.


#ShortPuts – Stock covered at 312.50 in this expiration (week prior to earnings). I’ll probably let that get called away and replace it with this. Hopefully everything goes away setting up a wide open earnings shot.

Sold REGN JAN 31 2020 347.5 Put @ 2.40

Not sure why the stock has been selling off but it was upgraded today.

#earnings #closing NFLX IBM UAL…

#earnings #closing NFLX IBM UAL

NFLX bought iron condor for 1.01, sold yesterday for 2.27
IBM bought strangle for .86, sold yesterday for 1.26
UAL bought strangle for .56, sold yesterday for 1.00

Thanks for the great data Jeff.


STO $NFLX Feb 07 2020 300/310 #BuPS @1.45


#ShortPuts – Out of the earnings play but the stock is still the biggest loser on my main watchlist. Going out a couple weeks and selling at the expected move and well below the 50ma.

Sold NFLX FEB 07 2020 310.0 Put @ 2.75

NFLX Earnings

#ShortPuts #Earnings – No sense waiting around three days for a dollar…

Bought to Close NFLX JAN 24 2020 315.0 Put @ 1.14 (sold for 5.11)