$ROKU 144 call
$NUGT 35 call
$T 38.5 put
$SPX 3210/3235 BUPS Thank you @jeff

$NUGT STO 1/17 33 call at .75

VIX to SPX Coorelation

I just noticed the coorelation has popped above the zero line for the first time since the beginning of the month-long market pullback last May.

Closing FDX

From the #FallingKnife trade I put on 12/18, buying to close $FDX 4/17 120 puts @ .65. Sold for 1.75. Taking off for over 60% of the profit, more than 3 months early.


#Hedges – @Kelly has inspired me to venture back into the belly of the beast. This is similar to my recent “beer money” trade. Going out to March and selling put spreads to finance call spreads and doing it all for a credit. I’ll be looking to book it on any decent spikes. Might sell a few extra UVXY calls while I’m holding this…

Sold VIX MAR 20 2020 15.0/13.0 Bull Put Spreads
Bought VIX MAR 20 2020 17.0/22.0 Bull Call Spread

Entire package for a net credit of .06

Max gain of 5.06 but would probably book it at much less than that. Max loss of 1.94 if VIX is below 13.06 at expiration.


SPX risk reversal

#SPX1dte Took a .10 debit to place this bullish #RiskReversal for Monday:

Sold $SPX Jan 13th 3240/3220 put spread for .70.
Bought $SPX Jan 13th 3290/3305 call spreads for .80

Jan 10th 3235/3210 put spreads, sold yesterday for .70

#shortputs #closing SEDG Monday sold…

#shortputs #closing SEDG

Monday sold a 75 put for 1.00, bought today for .55.

Thanks to JSD501 for this trade!


STO EWZ 21 Feb 48/49/45 @1.25..


$NEO STO 1/17 30 put at .60

LK Puts / SPX 3 DTE Closed

$LK STO 1/17 38 put at .70. Thank you @honkhonk81

$SPX BTC 1/13 3290/3315 BECS at 2.30. STO at 2.02. Price now at 1.55. Breathing better now. Thank you for your guidance @jeffcp66


Rolled AMAT Jan 10 62.5 Call out to Jan 24 63 Call for $0.85 credit
Cost Basis with this roll $58.03….Assigned 12/11 at $62.00

With the VIX this low…

With the VIX this low and the market going straight up. I put this trade on this morning to profit from any volatility spikes we might get. Put on several of these.
STO Feb 20 VIX $14 call
BTO Feb 20 VIX $18 calls (3)
STO Feb 20 VIX $22 call

I was able to put these on for $0.35 debit, so very low out of pocket if nothing happens. Pretty good profit if something does happen.


#shortstrangles WMT #tastytradefollow Sold Feb….

#shortstrangles WMT

#tastytradefollow Sold Feb. 21, 110/125 for 1.66, earnings Feb. 18.


STO June, 35 put at 2.70


#ShortPuts – ISRG had a “pre-earnings announcement” last night. Guess that explains why the IV was so high in the week prior to earnings. The announcement was bullish so rolling short put up to grab a little more premium all in the week before earnings.

Rolled ISRG JAN 17 2020 550.0 Put to JAN 17 2020 587.5 Put @ 2.30 credit (5.10 total now)


STC 85/105 bull call spread at 8.20, I bought the trade at 4.45, I could have done a bit better but it is a nice trade any way.

Good Morning everyone at the Bistro.

It’s been far too long since I checked in with you. Hope your trading has been going great.

I have continued to only day trade /NQ in my trading account. I like the ability to make some money in the first 60 to 90 minutes of the trading day, then go flat, shut everything down and go about my day. Don’t have to worry about after hour craziness. The trades I make tend to be very short in time span (usually only a few minutes).

I will make a concerted effort to stop in here a lot more.

Have a great trading day.


December Jobs Report

#Jobs — Lowest U6 ever

+145,000 non-farm payroll jobs, vs. 160K expected
Unemployment at 3.5%, unchanged
U6 unemployment at 6.7%, down by 0.2%, a record low (since 1994)
Wages up 0.1%, to 2.9% year over year
Labor force participation 63.2%, unchanged

November revised down from 266K to 256K
October revised down from 156K to 152K