ROKU NUGT ZM Calls Rolled / SPX Campaign Expired

$ROKU BTC 1/31 144 calls and STO 1/31 135 calls at added .63 credit
$NUGT BTC 1/31 33.50 calls and STO 2/7 34.50 calls at even
$ZM BTC 1/31 75 calls and STO 1/31 73 calls at added .45 credit

$SPX 1/27 3195/3215/3330/3350 STO for 1.05. I was away and didn’t know how frightened
I should have been. Thank you @jeffcp66

Downside Warning in effect

#VIXindicator The $VIX closed well over 25% higher than Thursday’s close (2-day closing low) so a Downside Warning took effect. Highest VIX readings since October 10th. Expect further downside in the market in the coming days or weeks.

UVXY hedges

#VXXGame Bought $UVXY March 20th 35 calls for .31. Adding more longs to sell against. Already sold March 25 calls last week, as well as VXX March 25 calls.

I haven’t started selling yet. I’m going to wait for higher volatility…. that may mean I miss out on this current pop, but that’s okay. I’d prefer to wait and possibly miss out, than sell in the early days of a bigger correction.


#ShortPuts – I’ll join in. This should be before earnings by a week or two but I’m not sure…

Sold LK FEB 7 2020 30.0 Puts @ 1.01


LK STO 1/31/20 35.0 PUTS @1.40
LK STO 1/31/20 39.5 CALLS @1.95
LK STO 1/31/20 40.0 CALLS @1.55
LK STO 1/31/20 40.5 CALLS @1.35
LK ST0 2/7/20 43.0 CALLS @1.50
LK BTC 1/31/20 47.5 CALLS @.05
LK STO 1/31/20 30.5 PUTS @.55

Question about stop orders for…

Question about stop orders for long stock positions.

Do you use any stop orders for long stock positions?
Some recommend 5-10% below purchase price.
I tend to hold for too long…


LK STO LK Feb21’20 23…

STO LK Feb21’20 23 PUT @1.05