#spycraft STO Jan 12 261/257…


STO Jan 12 261/257 and 271.5/275 IC for 0.19 and 0.29. Week 2 of the ladder. For others following, last week is showing a $130 profit, about what I had targeted weekly. You can either take it off or leave it for the long weekend decay. I am leaving on and will probably roll it next week.

Also rolled GILD Jan 5 76 put to feb 2 for 0.92 credit. Sold at 2.85 as previous roll/
Rolled SWKS Jan 5 102 put to Jan 19 for 1.0 credit. Sold for 4.75 off previous roll.

Rolled SVXY expiring tomorrow out to Feb 16 for 4.52-4.54credit. Sold for 2.58.

Rolled TQQQ 120 today to Jan. 26 for 1.2 credit. Sold for 2.23

Assigned early on EEM Jan 19 40 CC, weird I did not get an email confirmation, was just checking accounts and noticed they were gone. Small IRA so sold a Jan 19 SVXY 50 put at 6.55.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year (or Hanakuh) to all my trading friends at the bistro and thanks for all the ideas! Best trading year ever and I suspect next year will be even better as we all figure out the best ways to trade together.