#ShortPut Sold SQ April 27th…

#ShortPut Sold SQ April 27th 51 Put @ 1.25. Had an order to close the April 20th 48.5 for .05 but not filled.

QQQ Rolled my April 20th…

QQQ Rolled my April 20th 161 short call (Paired with the Jan 2020 161 leap) out and up to April 27th 164 for a 0.50 debit. Unsure if this was the right time. Maybe wait another day or two. Got antsy. Any feed back from you pros is welcomed.

Rolled LABU / Closed Early NFLX SIG

$LABU BTC 4/27 83 call and STO 5/11 85 call for 1.10 added credit

Closed Early
$NFLX 5/18 250/260 BUPS at .15 STO 4/13 at 1.13 Earnings delight
$SIG BTC 4/20 40 put at .50 STO at 2.51 as falling knife Thank you @optioniceman

Walk On The Wild Side? …about the VIX


CP earnings

#Earnings The only thing I’m doing today is selling $CP Apr 20th 175 puts for 1.15. Fairly close to the money, but CP has only moved down more than 3% one time on earnings in the last 8 years.

Not filled yet, but stock is pulling back now. I’ll drop to 1.10 if necessary.

Biggest UP move: 5.9%, Biggest DOWN move: -5.2%, Average move: 2.9%. This trade is -2.8% OTM.


Yesterday Motley Fool advised followers to sell shares at a loss, it’s up .30 today.
Their explanation https://www.fool.com/premium/stock-advisor/coverage/18/coverage/updates/2018/04/17/sell-tripadvisor.aspx?source=ipeemleml0000004&utm_medium=email&utm_term=91466&utm_content=sell&utm_campaign=sa&utm_source=product

#shortstrangles FXI Sold June 14,…

#shortstrangles FXI

Sold June 14, 44/53 strangle for 1.07, following Beef at TastyTrade on this ticker again, currently at 47.


#ShortStrangles – Once again I’ve demonstrated my uncanny ability to trade directionally by selling those 34 puts yesterday. 😦 Added these this morning when it was looking like I was obviously wrong…

Sold ROKU MAY 4 2018 37.0 Calls @ .65



BTC April 27, 195/265 strangle at .17 cents. Sold at 4.00 and a hat tip to Fuzzball for the idea.


#SyntheticStock – Some more rolling. Easing them up but keeping some downside cushion. LUV earnings next week.

Rolled EWW APR 20 2018 51.5 Calls to MAY 18 2018 52.0 Calls @ .04 debit

Rolled LUV APR 20 2018 55.0 Calls to MAY 4 2018 57.0 Calls @ .05 credit