Option Expirations

Mu April 13th 49 Put
OIH April 13 25 Put
XOP April 13th 36.5 Put
Spring has spring in the Carolinas
Have a great weekend all

Options Expirations

$SPX 2625/2650 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66
$SPX 2575/2600 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66
$SPX 2720/2710 BECS Thank you @jdietz1954

Everyone have a great weekend. Playing golf first time this year out on Long Island.
A beautiful day to go with a wonderful Bistro. Thanks to all.

Options Expiration for Apr 13

$NFLX Apr 13 282.50/295/315/325 iron condor
$UVXY Apr 13 20/30 BeCS

Have a great weekend everyone.

#Fuzzy Land–Alligators and Atomics :)…

#Fuzzy Land–Alligators and Atomics 🙂 (and Atomic Alligators)
Hi Everyone! Pretty soon this craziness will begin feeling like normal. I’ve got a nice mix of #Alligator traps and Alligator snaps and Atomics that are keeping my account balance relatively stable. After the conversation w/ @fuzzballl on my last post about Alligator Fuzzies, I put the suggestions side and by side and landed back on my original configuration for them. They work really well for long side and short side configs. My SPY beta-weighted deltas are 700, that’s pretty low for me, but it’s giving me stability.
GLD–I’ve got a long #Atomic Fuzzy on this, so no short term hedges. June 128c/128p/125p x 10, 130/134 call credit spread x 14.
FB–I’ve got an Atomic Alligator on this one, a combo. It’s kind of a franken trade w/ mixed expirations, but it’s a short trade around a May 25 165/165/167.5 Fuzzy bear.
IWM–Lots of Alligator traps (bullish) on this, May 153c/153p/150p/ 156c/159c / 156c.
JPM–Today on the dip I put on an Atomic Alligator: May 110/110/105 x 5 @2.08, 115/120 call credit spread @ .99 x 10 (this gives a core trade debit of .10), Apr 20 113 call @ .61 cr x 5.
Q’s and SPY: This is where I have layered in a lot of mixed Alligator traps (bullish) and Alligator Snaps (bearish). It’s a lot to keep an eye on, but having both sure helps with stability on account balances.
SPX: I’ve got a 1-lot Alligator Snap (bearish) on this: May 2665c/2665p/2670c/ 2615p/2595p 2615p

I can imagine someone new reading this post will be scratching their head. I think you can pull the #AlligatorFuzzy for an explanation of the Alligator setup. It’s a mix of a regular fuzzy and Atomic fuzzy. But hit me up if you have any questions.

Have a nice weekend everyone!



#OptionsExpiration – Actually had a couple today….

AZO 640/670 BeCS (sold for 2.65)
OLED 103 Calls (sold for 1.95)

No SPX for you

Flying at 30,000 feet and I can’t load SPX options into the IB platform. Need to sell a call spread, dammit. Guess I could do 60 SPY spreads instead.

JPM puts

On the big move down after earnings, sold some puts in the 6/1 weekly, well below the 200 dma.
Sold $JPM Jun 1 100 puts @ 1.04-1.05.


I wonder if we will get a strike on Syria this weekend? It could be a reason for the weakness tody along with the other political stuff.


#ShortStrangles #SyntheticStock – Adjusting to protect myself against some sort of a crazy buyout. Short next week’s 27/31 Bear Call Spreads. Stock has rallied so booking the gains on the long 31’s and buying more calls out and up. Pocketing the difference and maybe using that to finance the 27 roll.

Sold to Close AAOI APR 20 2018 31.0 Calls @ .70

Bought AAOI JUN 15 2018 50.0 Calls @ .35

SQ….Getting back into this one…BTO…

SQ….Getting back into this one…BTO Jan 20 47 calls….need 0.15 per week to cover…STO next weeks 51 call for 0.35….#longcalls #leaps #syntheticstock



#BearCallSpreads – Taking weekend risk off and freeing up buying power for the next spike.

Bought to Close UVXY APR 20 2018 24.0/34.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .08 (sold for .79)
Bought to Close UVXY APR 20 2018 25.0/35.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .06 (sold for .65)

>SPX trade

STO May 11,  2300/2400 bull put spread @1.75 which will offset my May 11, 2850/2950 Bear call spread.

#spxcampaign a few trades today…


a few trades today
Apr 13 buy 2665/2645 BePS buy $7 sell $7.50, small profit missed a quick loss
Apr 13 sell 2665/2645 BePS sell $4 buy $3.45, better profit
Apr 13 buy 2655/2645 BeCS sold $11, buy $8.85 best of day
need to cut lawn, have a good weekend

Goodbye CRUS hello SMH

#SyntheticStock #LongCalls #LEAPS – Here’s what I finally decided. The more I trade these types of things the more I like the ETFs vs individual stocks and the straight LEAPS vs synthetic stock if the premium is worth it.

Closed my half size position in CRUS at a loss of 1.50. Taking a full size SMH position (twice the CRUS size) out in 2020 so I’ll roll the .75 loss into the new SMH trade.

Bought to Open SMH JAN 17 2020 105.0 Calls @ 14.80 (15.55 with CRUS loss added)

That is my max risk in the trade with 92 weeks to run requires 17 cents per week to cover.


Sold SMH APR 20 2018 106.5 Calls @ .72

I feel much better about this now vs the CRUS trade. Thought about holding CRUS since it was getting closer to even but figured I’d s**t can it and just concentrate on the SMH position.


STO SPY Apr 27 256/253 Puts .31 #Bitty


#LongCalls #LEAPS – This was a fun one. Market doesn’t exactly seem thrilled with the banks so far so I’m staying aggressive into next week too. Already collected 4.70 of the original 10.50 cost of the LEAPS. 3 weeks into the trade with 39 to go.

Bought to Close FAS APR 13 2018 65.0 Calls @ .07 (sold for 2.15)

Sold FAS APR 20 2018 63.5 Calls @ 1.80

SPX Trades


STO May 11th 2500/2600 BUPS at 12.50
STO May 25th 2450/2550 BUPS at 12.50

Both sold while ES was at -11 this morning…


BTC April 20, 75 puts at .01, Sold At 1.80 on 2 contracts.


#SyntheticStock – STO SLB Apr20’18 70 calls for 0.40.

QQQ #Shortcall BTC my April…

QQQ #Shortcall BTC my April 13th 162 call for 0.30. Sold 4/11 for 1.02. Going to be away the afternoon so took the risk off. I will cover up the 2020 161 long call next week.


#Fuzzy – STO XBI Apr20’18 92 calls for 0.38, selling against my XBI Jun’18 88/88/86 fuzzy that has been unhedged during the recent market gyrations.


I rolled my April 20, 180 calls to April 27, 180 calls for a credit of .86 cents. This is a 165C,165P, 160P Fuzzy in 2020. I only need .32 cents per week to break even.

Closing NFLX inverted strangle

This one has been a fight almost immediately after I put it on. It started out as a simple short call (260 in the 1/26 expiration) but I had to keep rolling it up and out and at some point I needed the short puts to keep the rolls for a credit. I then kept rolling the strangles up and out, and finally I had to go inverted to keep bringing in credit. The final position for today’s expiration (because earnings are Monday) was 307.50/312.50 inverted. With the stock between 313 and 313.50 I was able to close this monster for 7.10, for an overall profit of .77 after all the adjusting. Hard to imagine I would get here with how this thing moved. Aggressive rolling was the call here but I have to think I got lucky getting this close enough on expiration day to take off for a profit. I’ll definitely take it.


#SyntheticStock #LongCalls #LEAPS – Really like the looks of this one for a long term position. Haven’t decided yet since I’m already in CRUS but definitely one to keep an eye on if it pulls back again. I missed it on that last drop to near the 200ma. Almost feel like I have to take a shot. 2019 105s would only need 23 cents per week to cover.


#SyntheticStock – Earnings next week so I’m trying to give it a little room. If it tanks I’ll roll back in and down.

Rolled SLB APR 13 2018 65.5 Calls to MAY 4 2018 67.5 Calls @ .16 debit (originally sold for .61)


#SyntheticStock – STO JPM Apr20’18 115 calls for 0.28. Been sitting unhedged on my JPM Jan’19 115/115/110 synthetic position. Seems like a good day to sell, but wished I’d sold these at the open today!


Lots of fills coming in….

PYPL #SyntheticStock : Rolling out and up one week into the week prior to earnings.

Rolled PYPL APR 13 2018 76.0 Calls to APR 20 2018 76.5 Calls @ .30 credit


TLT #PerpetualRollingStrangles :

Rolled TLT APR 13 2018 120.5 Calls to APR 27 2018 121.5 Calls @ .05 credit


#SyntheticStock – An old earnings gone bad repair trade…needs 99 cents per week. Replacing this week’s expiration. Earnings May 3rd so staying aggressive until then.

Sold OLED APR 20 2018 103.0 Calls @ 1.58


#BullCallSpreads – Letting this week’s expire so selling next week…cost basis reduction in the Jan Bull Call Spread…long spread is out in Jan with basis already reduced from 26.30 to 9.23.

Sold AZO APR 13 2018 625.0/650.0 Bear Call Spread @ 2.25

Closed Early / Rolled LABU SPLK

Close Early
$TSLA BTC 4/20 255/265 BUPS at .30 STO at 1.41 Thank you @ramie77

$LABU BTC 4/13 77 call and STO 4/27 83 call for .93 debit Stock at 83.20
$SPLK BTC 4/20 105 call and STO 5/11 108 call for .50 credit Stock at 103.25


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Roll out and up a week. Still a week before earnings…

Rolled FB APR 13 2018 162.5 Calls to APR 20 2018 165.0 Calls @ .50 credit


#SyntheticStock – A little tougher to roll being 4 dollars in the money. Taking it out to May monthlies. Already collected decent premium against it so don’t mind letting it sit on the back burner for awhile. If XBI tanks I’ll roll it back in and down.

Rolled XBI APR 13 2018 86.0 Calls to XBI MAY 18 2018 88.0 Calls @ even (originally sold for 1.05)


#SyntheticStock – No time premium left in these so a small debit roll out one week picking up 90 cents of upside.

Rolled XLY APR 13 2018 100.5 Calls to APR 20 2018 101.5 Calls @ .10 debit (originally sold for .93)

SPX condor sold

#SPXcampaign What do you do when you’re bored? A 3-week, 20-delta condor will work. Last one of these I did worked great, so we’ll try again. VIX finally got down to my 17.76 level, but SPX does not yet look like it wants to rally.

Sold $SPX May 4th 2550/2575/2750/2775 #CondorRoll for 7.15.

Also, just filled,
Sold May 11th 2500/2475 put spreads for 1.85.


#BearPutSpreads – I’ve been selling against my Jan 2019 50/30 Bear Put Spreads….trying to gradually cover the debit. Volatility trying to come down a little so I’m getting out of the way for awhile. Small loss here but the original debit has already been reduced from 12.15 to 11.65. Only need VXX below about 38.35 by next Jan.

Bought to Close VXX APR 13 2018 46.0 Puts @ .76 (sold the 46/41 spreads @ .63)

Of course I’m early…VXX heading back up now… 😦


#SyntheticStock – In an #IRA so have to cover this week before selling next week.

Bought to Close CELG APR 13 2018 92.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for .50)

Sold CELG APR 20 2018 92.0 Calls @ .70

This more than covers the cost of the core position so working to cover max loss now. Wish I had more time but this was an experimental shorter term out to July.

Also in a different account early assigned on a 100 strike short put. Stock basis 97.80. Will be looking to sell against eventually. Earnings on May 4th before the open.


BTC April 20, 130 puts @.05, sold as a falling knife @ 1.05 on 2 contracts. I am covering positions early because I don’t trust this market.