Option Expirations

Mu April 13th 49 Put
OIH April 13 25 Put
XOP April 13th 36.5 Put
Spring has spring in the Carolinas
Have a great weekend all

Options Expirations

$SPX 2625/2650 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66
$SPX 2575/2600 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66
$SPX 2720/2710 BECS Thank you @jdietz1954

Everyone have a great weekend. Playing golf first time this year out on Long Island.
A beautiful day to go with a wonderful Bistro. Thanks to all.

Options Expiration for Apr 13

$NFLX Apr 13 282.50/295/315/325 iron condor
$UVXY Apr 13 20/30 BeCS

Have a great weekend everyone.

#Fuzzy Land–Alligators and Atomics :)…

#Fuzzy Land–Alligators and Atomics 🙂 (and Atomic Alligators)
Hi Everyone! Pretty soon this craziness will begin feeling like normal. I’ve got a nice mix of #Alligator traps and Alligator snaps and Atomics that are keeping my account balance relatively stable. After the conversation w/ @fuzzballl on my last post about Alligator Fuzzies, I put the suggestions side and by side and landed back on my original configuration for them. They work really well for long side and short side configs. My SPY beta-weighted deltas are 700, that’s pretty low for me, but it’s giving me stability.
GLD–I’ve got a long #Atomic Fuzzy on this, so no short term hedges. June 128c/128p/125p x 10, 130/134 call credit spread x 14.
FB–I’ve got an Atomic Alligator on this one, a combo. It’s kind of a franken trade w/ mixed expirations, but it’s a short trade around a May 25 165/165/167.5 Fuzzy bear.
IWM–Lots of Alligator traps (bullish) on this, May 153c/153p/150p/ 156c/159c / 156c.
JPM–Today on the dip I put on an Atomic Alligator: May 110/110/105 x 5 @2.08, 115/120 call credit spread @ .99 x 10 (this gives a core trade debit of .10), Apr 20 113 call @ .61 cr x 5.
Q’s and SPY: This is where I have layered in a lot of mixed Alligator traps (bullish) and Alligator Snaps (bearish). It’s a lot to keep an eye on, but having both sure helps with stability on account balances.
SPX: I’ve got a 1-lot Alligator Snap (bearish) on this: May 2665c/2665p/2670c/ 2615p/2595p 2615p

I can imagine someone new reading this post will be scratching their head. I think you can pull the #AlligatorFuzzy for an explanation of the Alligator setup. It’s a mix of a regular fuzzy and Atomic fuzzy. But hit me up if you have any questions.

Have a nice weekend everyone!



#OptionsExpiration – Actually had a couple today….

AZO 640/670 BeCS (sold for 2.65)
OLED 103 Calls (sold for 1.95)

No SPX for you

Flying at 30,000 feet and I can’t load SPX options into the IB platform. Need to sell a call spread, dammit. Guess I could do 60 SPY spreads instead.

JPM puts

On the big move down after earnings, sold some puts in the 6/1 weekly, well below the 200 dma.
Sold $JPM Jun 1 100 puts @ 1.04-1.05.