SQ #shortputs SQ looks to…

SQ #shortputs SQ looks to be making a move up. Sold April 20th 48.50 puts for 0.50 when SQ was at 49.31. Assignment would put me stock at a 48 basis at the 50dma. Earnings are May 2nd after the close.

LRCX Earnings

My order in but not yet filled. Last four quarters $LRCX went up twice and went down twice.
$LRCX STO 4/20 202.50/220 Strangle at 4.20

NFLX call spread

I may be early here but with the momentum slowing I wanted to sell some premium and get some short delta against my stock.
Sold $NFLX May 18 365/375 BeCS @ 1.43 with the stock at 334.34, around 4 dollars off its high of the day. Delta of the short strike is 20.

#shortcallspreads NFLX Idea from TastyTrade…

#shortcallspreads NFLX

Idea from TastyTrade sold May 18, 365/375 for 1.37.

#vxxgame #shortcalls UVXY bought May…

#vxxgame #shortcalls UVXY
bought May 18, 16 call for 1.03, made 1.70. This started out January 29 as a 15 call, rolled twice to May.


#LongPuts #LongCalls #LongLEAPStraddles – Maybe I’m bored but here we go. Already long the 2019 160 calls so on the bounce I’m buying the put side. For simplicity I’m buying the same strike to complete the straddle.

Bought to Open FB JAN 18 2019 160.0 Puts @ 11.60

After this week 39 weeks to run so needing 30 cents per week to cover. Earnings next week but unfortunately I’ll be out that day so going out the week after since it still has a little volatility pumped into it from the announcement.

Sold FB MAY 4 2018 162.5 Puts @ 3.00 (that already covers a fourth of the long put price 🙂 )

So now long Jan 2019 160 straddles against Apr 20 165 calls and May 4 162.5 puts.

Let’s see how it goes!


#ShortPuts – Sucking up a lot of buying power in an #IRA. Not going to risk a huge selloff…

Bought to Close REGN APR 20 2018 300.0 Put @ .28 (sold for 3.20)

EXR Falling knife

BTC June 60 puts @ .05, sold at 1.28

Closing Early No Braveheart Here

Closing Early
$SPX BTC 4/20 2570/2595 BUPS at .20 STO at 2.00 1.5X normal position size Thank you @jeffcp66
$BIDU BTC 4/20 230/240 BUPS at 5.00 STO at 2.13 This loss half off what it was last week


What do you guys think of this hashtag? #LongLEAPSStraddles ….LOL Considering adding long puts to my FB 2019 long calls and trading them both directions. Whiz is still bearish FB until Zuck gets replaced. Nice premium in both directions. Obviously not a directional play…just premium gathering until all risk is covered and then a nice weekly income.

#longtimeironbutterflydiag, #reverselongtimeironbutterflydiag


#SyntheticStock – STO EWW Apr27’18 55 calls for 0.31.  This sale is pretty aggressive I think but I’ve been holding this one unhedged for awhile, and the stock is near a previous high (resistance?)


#SyntheticStock – BTC JPM Apr20’18 115 calls for 0.03, sold for 0.28.  STO JPM Apr27’18 115 calls for 0.27.

#SPXcampaign Sold the long April…

#SPXcampaign Sold the long April 27th 2745 call of my spread at 3.80. This gets me out with a cheap dinner profit. I didn’t want to get greedy. Personally I feel lucky it worked.

SPX calls stopped

#SPXcampaign Closed $SPX May 4th 2760/2785 call spreads for 4.25. Sold for 1.70 on Apr 3rd.


SPX Update



BTC May 11th 2600 short Puts at 10.70, sold yesterday for 15.40
gain at 30%
STO May 11th 2600 at 10.60

BTC May 25th 2550 short puts at 12.50, sold yesterday at 17.70
gain at 30%
STO May 25th 2550 short puts at 11.90


Closed Fuzzy +124.25 getting too close to hedge

Closing Early SPX BABA / SPX Campaign / Rolling MTN (hopefully not like Sisyphus)

Closed Early
$SPX BTC 4/27 2435/2460 BUPS at .20 STO at 1.75 Thank you @jeffcp66
$BABA BTC 4/20 165/175 BUPS at 1.00 STO at 1.50
$SPX BTC 4/20 2650/2750 BUPS at 50 STO at 19 Only one contract but what a hit this contract was 😉

$SPX STO 5/18 2515/2540 BUPS at 1.60 Thank you @jeffcp66

$MTN BTC 4/20 240 call at .12 and STO 5/18 240 call at 1.72

#SPXcampaign BTC my April 23rd…

#SPXcampaign BTC my April 23rd 2725 call for 5.30. I will let the long 2745 run a while.


#ShortPuts #ShortStrangles – Replacing the NVDA position with this. Short term and hopefully before earnings. Stock coming out of a nice base and beautiful squeeze. Might add calls if it stays strong….

Sold ROKU MAY 4 2018 34.0 Puts @ 1.00


#ShortStrangles – Book ’em and get ready for earnings in a few weeks…

Bought to Close NVDA APR 27 2018 195.0/250.0 Strangles @ .81 (sold for 5.88)

SPX trades

In pre-market, closed on GTC order: $SPX May 4th 2400/2375 put spread for .20. Sold for 1.60 on Apr 6th.
After open, sold SPX May 17th 2540/2515 put spreads for 1.60

Keeping up with the DROP

#VXXGame VXX products plummeting. Only a few positions in trouble, more than outweighed by my short calls that are deteriorating.

BTC $UVXY Apr 27 19 put for 3.95. Sold for 1.56 on Apr 3rd.
BTC $VXX Apr 27 44.5 put for 3.60. Sold for 1.25 on Apr 3rd.

BTC UVXY Jan 2019 70 call for 1.20. Sold for 6.50 (avg price) in February. Still have several remaining.

Sold UVXY Sept 25 call for 2.27
Sold VXX Sept 50 call for 5.65

Bought VXX June 15th 30 puts for .18, adding to my position.

NFLX closed

#Earnings Closed $NFLX Apr 20th 275 puts for .10. Sold yesterday for 3.433 (avg price).

Effective Upside warning possible

#VIXIndicator As I discussed last month, we are in a “double-header” downside warning which is rare. Rarer still is when the second warning does not print a higher VIX high or a lower SPX low. This makes it less clear when we get an Upside Warning. If we measure from the first warning’s spike, we will get the Upside with a close below 17.76 today (which is likely). If we go with the second warning, we have to wait for three closes below 12.61.

I suspect by the time we drop to 12.61, a sustained rally will already be underway. Because of last month’s head-fake, with three closes below 17.76 leading us right into more volatility, I remain cautiously optimistic for new market highs.