#shortputs Afternoon. Sold a few…

#shortputs Afternoon. Sold a few positions earlier today.
QQQ April 27th 165 Call at 0.80 when QQQ was at162.57. Right before the morning spike.
MU April 27th 52 Call at 0.52 when MU was at 50.00
FAS April 27th 65 Put at 1.35 when FAS was at 65.22
OIH April 27th 27 Put at .51 when OIH was at 26.80


STO Calendar May 11 51 call & Apr 27 51 1.47-.55 = .92


STO May 11 BePS 300/297.50 2x 1@ .30 & .39 #Bitty

Pivoting on NFLX

Closing the call spread for around 65% of the max profit and flipping it to a put spread to try to catch premium on the other side.
Bought to close $NFLX May 18 365/375 BeCS @ .52 (sold for 1.43 on 4/17)
Sold to open $NFLX May 18 295/285 BuPS @ 1.20 with the stock at 319.82.

Hope I’m not getting too cute here.

Taking off this week’s FB short puts

Closing for a profit while I still can, with earnings on Wednesday.
Bought to close:
$FB Apr 27 150 puts @ .60 (sold for 2.40 on 3/21)
$FB APr 27 155 puts @ 1.34 (sold for 1.60 on 3/19)


#SyntheticStock – I’ve covered the initial debit but not the max loss on this one. Converting to straight long calls which reduces the amount of max loss that’s needed to be recovered by 65 cents. With this thing winding down in July every little bit helps. Got a chance to be profitable in spite of the stock being nearly 16 dollars below the core synthetic.

Bought to Close CELG JUL 20 2018 105.0/100.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 4.35


This is boring. I am going to the gym and I expect the market to be down when I return. Please don’t disappoint me.