#spccampaign STC my April 13th…

#spccampaign STC my April 13th 2710/2720 @ 0.25. I was filled after market hours. Originally sold Monday for 1.40.
Have a great evening all.

Closed Early / Rolled

Closed Early
$SPX 4/13 BTC Half position 2575/2600 at .50 STO at 1.70 One half to go (hope it does not go the wrong way).
$AAPL BTC 4/20 150/160 BUPS at .10 STO at 1.15
$AMZN BTC 4/20 1180/1190 BUPS at .05 STO at .81 Thank you @thomberg1201
$SPX BTC 4/20 2480 put at 1.90 STO at 12.50 One contract left. Thanks again @hcgdavis
$FB BTC 4/20 140/150 BUPS at .20 STO at .85

$FB BTC 4/13 165 call and STO 4/20 165 call for added 2.60 credit against 1/2019 175 call. I think this is a fuzzy but I am still a bit hazy. Is that a double bewilderment? Thank you @fuzzballl

SPX calls closed

#SPXcampaign Closed $SPX Apr 20th 2700/2725 call spreads for 7.05. Sold on Tuesday for 7.50.

For the first time in awhile the VIX is showing actual weakness in the last hour. Need to see what tomorrow brings.

Fuzzy trades

I put on a Fuzzy trade on MSFT and just closed it today for no gain or loss. The problem with this trade even though I bought the 2020 Fuzzy is that MSFT has no volatility. Since there was no Vol. I could not sell the near by weekly calls for much premium. We need good volatility for these trades to work. Lesson learned.

UVXY trades

#VXXGame Took some $UVXY profits and also added some more hedges.

BTC Apr 20th 25 call for .20. Sold for 1.47 on Apr 2nd.
BTC May 18th 25 call for 1.04. Sold for 3.175 (avg price) in March. Leaving one open.
BTC June 15th 40 call for .66. Sold for 2.75 on Feb 2nd.

BTO May 18th 44 calls for .20. Highest strike. My April 59 long calls rolling off next Friday so shifting to May and June.


STC 50/54 Calls 3.91 #Fuzzy #hedge got in the way. Was out and got hit just about max diff. BTO Yesterday.
BTO May 18 52.50/50 puts 1.06 a DK trade

Closing ROKU

Bought to close $ROKU Apr 20 30 puts @ .30. Sold for 1.35 on 2/22.

Testing… testing…

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 6.57.54 AM

Turn around?

I’m being cautious with short positions… yesterday was pretty weak in SPX but VIX didn’t budge much and in fact had a lower high, low, and close. And today we are opening strong with VIX further down. Earnings season is starting, and the general bullishness about 1st quarter results may be what breaks us free of this volatility.

Good Morning

Good Morning