#pietrades Did not have time…


Did not have time to post but at lunch converted my UTX short puts and NSC short puts into strangles. Both going into earnings.

Normally I don’t do this on individual names, but trying to stay in some trades just a little longer to let theta do some work. As soon as I have a profit will close and roll down.

STO 24 DTE NSC 141 call for 0.6. Now have 127/141 strangle.
STO 24 DTE UTX 131 call for 0.6. Now have the 122/131 strangle.

I was looking at doing the same with XBI but is tearing to the upside. As soon as momentum shifts will add call side.

Closed Early / SPX Campaign

Closed Early
$MTN 4/20 BTC 210 Put at .30 STO 12/4 at 6.90 Thank you @jdietz1954
$SPX 4/20 BTC 2480 put at 6.00 STO at 12.50 2/3 of trade still open. Thank you @hcgdavis
$FXI BTC 4/20 51 call at .08 STO at .60 Thank you @thomberg1201

Following @jdietz1954
$SPX STO 4/13 2720/2710 BECS at 1.40 Thank you

#SPXcampaign BTC April 13th 2575/2570…

#SPXcampaign BTC April 13th 2575/2570 BuPS for 0.40 Sold yesterday for 1.05

SPX calls sold

#SPXcampaign Sold $SPX May 11th 2825/2850 call spreads for 1.75.


BTO May 18 50/50/48 Bull #Fuzzy 2.77
STO Apr 20 54 Call .46


Looks like the market is happy with the testimony so far…

SPX long spreads rotated

#SPXcampaign Sold to close half of $SPX May 18th 2770/2790 call spreads for 4.25. Bought on Friday for 1.75. Holding the other half for possible end to this correction.

Bought to Open SPX Apr 27th 2450/2425 put spreads for 1.10.

XLK–rolling inverted

Rolled Apr 60/64 inverted strangle up 2 points and out to May 62/66 inverted strangle for .15 credit with XLK currently at 65.85.

SPX calls sold

#SPXcampaign Sold $SPX Apr 20th 2700/2725 call spreads for 7.50.

SPX creeping up again… VIX going nowhere.

Closing NVDA strangle

Bought to close $NVDA Apr 27 195/265 strangle for 1.25. Sold for 4.05 on 3/27. Thanks again for the idea @fuzzballl.