Looks like I picked the wrong week…

Have a nice weekend to everyone

Tune in on Monday for more exciting trading and fun.

SPX calls closed

#SPXcampaign Closed $SPX Apr 20th 2750/2775 call spreads for .45. Sold in a #CondorRoll for 7.05 yesterday (call side sold for 3.23). The put side is taking heat.

#BullCallSpreads – Thanks @mortlightman and…

#BullCallSpreads – Thanks @mortlightman and @Jeff for the idea. Made 1.30 on the last one so re-loading here…

Bought to Open SPX MAY 18 2018 2780.0/2800.0 Bull Call Spread @ 1.50

#spxcampaign New to this so…

New to this so the Put I bought yesterday 2660 for $15 I sold this morning in first 15 min for $20, as prices were declining.
Now I entered BePS debit 2620/2610 for $4.90 when price 2610 and weak. I’m considering adding to this position but need to know if I have to close it out or will automatically settle in cash? Can anyone help?

Ripsaw market, up 30-50 one…

Ripsaw market, up 30-50 one day, down 50-60 the next. I wanted some volatility but could be a little less pronounced than this.

Looks like all my CC will expire OTM now FAS, ERX, LNG, so will sell new calls on Monday.

Have a good weekend!

SPX trades

Sold $SPX Apr 27th 2750/2775 call spreads for 2.35
Sold May 4th 2400/2375 put spreads for 1.60
Sold Apr 20th 2600/2625 put spreads for 10.25. This last one is betting on a bounce for Monday. But if that doesn’t happen I have two weeks to expiration so the flexibility to roll it ITM.