SPX calls stopped

#SPXcampaign I do not see clear skies ahead, but I still gotta keep call spreads from becoming ITM. I legged out of this one, something I rarely do. But when this market moves up or down so clearly into the last hour, there’s little chance of a reversal.

Closed $SPX Apr 6th 2650/2675 call spreads for 6.60. Sold for 3.65 on Monday.

Will look to roll on the next extreme, whether it be a high or low extreme.



STO June 15, 182 calls against some of my short puts @2.60

We have an ice cream…

We have an ice cream shop at the beach called Mr. Whippy’s, I think that could also be the name of the market!


#CoveredCalls – STO Oct 19 40 CC @ 1.80 shares at 30.67. Ran this one last month closed for 60% profit. (Ed: calling this my “yoyo” trade. Not worthy of a hashtag, ha!)


#Fuzzy – BTO MU Jul20’18 52.5/52.5/50 Fuzzy for 3.80. Seems like the market is BTFD, possibly gonna cheer up soon?  This synthetic position is unhedged at the moment. Dan Fitzpatrick featured this one in his free chart last night and brought it to my attention, so I will have to give him credit for the ticker.

#earnings RH I sold an…

#earnings RH

I sold an April 20, 75 straddle for $1425, there was a good reason premiums were that high, RH ran up above break even of 90 to 95, has come back down to earth around 87, this might work out after all

Good morning

This should be fun today.