/es and SPX.

Looks like the big players want to rip the market down one day, then take it back up next few days. New range is 2560 to 2671. That’s a decent sized range to play ping pong but appears it will happen for a while.

Futures down 35 on /ES and /YM 384.

#ironcondor COST Sold May 18,…

#ironcondor COST

Sold May 18, 160/170/200/210 for 1.17, stock around 185

#spx Thought I would try…


Thought I would try a trade. Poor timing to have bought a put. I have an April 06, does it expire in AM or end of day?

Sold long SPX calls

#SPXcampaign I didn’t get filled at the highs so I’m selling half this order since we could be going lower. More likely to happen is a bounce, as my timing on these intraday swings has been horrendous for the last few weeks.

Sold to close $SPX May 18th 2770/2790 call spreads for 3.75. Bought for 1.50 on Monday. Keeping the other half into expiration, but now the cost of the full position has been covered.. Thanks @mortlightman for the trade idea.

Also, sold to open May 4th 2810/2835 call spreads for 1.45.


#SyntheticStock – Another small roll…

Rolled DG APR 6 2018 93.0 Calls to APR 20 2018 94.0 Calls @ .10 debit


#SyntheticStock – Trying to keep these rolls to within a couple weeks even if it’s a small debit. Plenty of weekly premium brought in recently to use a little for the roll.

Rolled EWW APR 6 2018 51.0 Calls to APR 20 2018 51.5 Calls @ .08 debit


#SyntheticStock – Rolling the weekly out and up. Small debit but picking up another 71 cents of upside while staying in the week prior to earnings.

Rolled XOM APR 6 2018 74.0 Calls to APR 20 2018 75.0 Calls @ .29 debit (originally sold for .60)

NUGT call closed

#ContangoETFs $NUGT and $DUST have been kind of dull in recent weeks, so I’m just watching theta do its work on short calls in both.

Closed on GTC order: NUGT June 15th 47 call for .20. Sold for 2.46 on Dec 26th.

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign Still getting pressed on some call spreads so rolling. I’m not selling put spreads at these levels… I expect another dip, perhaps not as low as Monday; but I’m waiting for a pullback or VIX below 18.00 before I’ll start getting bullish. Jobs report is tomorrow and no matter what the results, it may be an excuse to sell. I also will be selling half of my double-sized LONG call spread today at or near a triple.

Stopped: $SPX Apr 13th 2670/2695 call spreads for 11.50. Sold for 3.75 on Tuesday. No roll yet.

#CondorRoll: from calls stopped yesterday. (these are the only puts I’m adding)
Sold Apr 20th 2540/2565/2750/2775 condors of 7.05.

Closed Apr 13th 2720/2745 call spreads for 4.80. Sold for 3.65 on 3/28. No roll yet.

Again, JOBS report tomorrow could be a trigger for panic selling, or panic buying.

Back from vacation

I picked a ridiculous week to not be trading (well I did get a couple of small adjustments in). Maybe it was better–I may have overtraded through Mon-Wed.
Now I’m just going through things and will start cleaning stuff up.
Took off my Apr AZO short 580 put for 1.25. Sold for 6.20 on 2/27.
I’m still short a Sep 500 put.


#SyntheticStock – Since I already sold next week I’m booking these just for safety. Another big up day tomorrow and the position would end up way too short…

Bought to Close LUV APR 6 2018 57.5 Calls @ .21 (sold for .54)


#BullCallSpread – Rolling the short call side down into strength for a nice credit. Narrowing the spread from 100 to 50. Getting close to a freebie with weekly sales against.

Rolled AZO JAN 18 2019 760.0 Call to JAN 18 2019 710.0 Call @ 14.30 credit

Position is now:

Jan 2019 660/710 BuCS @ 11.50 debit

#pietrade XBI selling into weakness,…


XBI selling into weakness, 22 DTE 81 put for 1.02.

BTC the ANDV 22 DTE 93 put for 0.35, sold for 1.1 or so off multiple rolls. My cost basis was 90.78 so I had a lot of built up credit. Reload on a pull back.

#earnings #ironcondor FDX March 20…

#earnings #ironcondor FDX

March 20 sold a 225/230/270/275 April 20 earnings iron condor for 1.10. It went as low as 228 during these crazy days, decided to exit today for .70.


Rolled my April 13, 65 call up to April 20, 66 call for a credit of .17 cents.

#pietrades and #supercharger trades Finally…

#pietrades and #supercharger trades

Finally 2 positive weeks in a row despite being assigned on final SVXY 50 puts.

TNA #supercharger 5/18 55/60 for 4.37 debit
ERX #supercharger 4/27 20/25 for 4.55 debit
ERX #fuzzy rolled 8 DTE out to 22 DTE 25.5 for 0.4 credit. Cost basis now 7.82
FAS CC rolled 67 CC expires tomorrow for 8 DTE for 1.12 credit. CB now 65.13
Assigned SVXY 50 put for 48.75, sold for 11.53 ouch but don’t see SVXY moving for a while so unloaded and used what little cash was left in this account for the ERX trade above. Left just enough to convert to a #fuzzy if needed.

#pietrades bunch of FAS, ERX, CC expiring tomorrow. Should all go out at full profit unless there is another stupid tweet.

Also some expiring next week. Will reload the ladders as they expire on Monday.

Hope everyone has a good expiration and is enjoying Mr. Whippy’s the market, not the ice cream shop although it is delicious!

Good Morning, Chinese market today….

Good Morning, Chinese market today. Chop Chop