QQQ #Longcalls #Leaps #Shortcalls I…

QQQ #Longcalls #Leaps #Shortcalls I decided to follow along in the TQQQ trade but with a little less intensity as I gain experience with this. Bought Jan 17th 2020 161 Call at 19.50 with Qs at 161.33 My price discovery was a bit too aggressive and was filled immediately even though I was below the mark. Sold the April 13th 162 Call @ 1.02 with Qs at 161.20.


#SyntheticStock – Another week…killing time waiting for the real bounce. Earnings on May 3rd….

Bought to Close REGN APR 13 2018 340.0 Calls @ .30 (sold for 2.85)

Sold REGN APR 20 2018 337.5 Calls @ 2.20

VXX gamin’

BTC $UVXY April 20th 26 calls for .25. Sold for 1.45 on April 2nd.
BTO $UVXY May 18th 40 call for .30. Adding to my position, which is cheap long calls to hedge the sale of higher-premium, lower-strike calls.


For those that are interested, and there are now multiple expiration cycles on the options. No weeklies yet but I my hands, er account dirty again.

Back on NUGT

Sold $NUGT Jan 17 2020 55 call @ 5.60. Highest strike in Jan 2020. 1 contract. Will add as/if premium increases or higher strikes become available.


#LongCalls #LEAPS #BullCallSpreads – Thanks @jsd501 for the nice reminder on this ticker. Great premium for setting up a longer term position. As an experiment, I’m buying the Jan 2020 call spreads 100 points wide. TOS is showing an expected move of +/- of 100 points out to 2020. This reduced my entry cost (but caps long term profits).

Bought to Open TQQQ JAN 17 2020 150.0/250.0 Bull Call Spreads @ 28.30

92 weeks for the trade to run so only need 31 cents per week to cover the cost. Goal is to get it covered much sooner and keep selling against the position.


Sold TQQQ APR 20 2018 155.0 Calls @ 3.30



BTO 2020 150 calls at 42.42 and STO April 27, 160 calls @ 2.90

I need .46 cents a week to break even.

Trades this week

#ContangoETFs #CoveredCalls #CoveredCallCampaign #VXXGame #Earnings

Here are a few trades other than SPX:
Today: BTC $DUST Jun 15th 40 call for .25. Sold for 3.05 on Dec 4th.

Yesterday: BTC $FB Apr 20th 160 put for 3.00. Sold for 1.37 on March 19th. Backed out to early, not anticipating the rally the Zuck’s testimony would create.

Friday: BTC $FDX Apr 20th 235 puts for 6.77. Sold for 6.75 on 3/23 as when #Rolling from an earnings trade. I had margin pressure on Friday. Scaling back in since then:
Sold May 4th 235 put for 6.05;
Sold May 4th 237.5 put for 5.55.
This one seems like a buy… it’s just waiting for market to relax.

Friday: Closed $BABA Apr 27th 200 call for .18. Sold for 1.90 on 3/29.
Today: Sold BABA May 11th 195 call for 1.40

Tuesday: Sold $SQ Apr 27th 50 covered call for 1.01

Friday: Sold $UVXY Jan 2020 59 call for 4.80.


WHR BTC April 20, 125 put At .05, sold as a falling knife at 1.95

Wiping off a little DUST

Bought to close $DUST Jun 15 40 calls @ .25. Sold for 2.70 and 3.20 on 12/4 and 12/5.


#SyntheticStock – Trying to squeeze one more in before earnings…

Bought to Close LUV APR 13 2018 56.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for .68)

Sold LUV APR 20 2018 55.0 Calls @ .57 (filled one at .60 and the rest at .57)


#HolyCrap – Am I seeing that right? LOL


#LongCalls #IRA – Another week in the books selling against Jan 2019 45.0 calls. This particular position was started Feb 28 for 6.90 requiring 15 cents per week to cover. Already recovered 2.55 after today’s sale. The stock has dropped almost from the very beginning but overall showing only a small loss.

At this pace the calls will be completely paid for by the end of May leaving 7 more months of selling that will go straight to the bottom line. I’m not sure how it will work out but it seems like it would be fun to have a bunch of these with the calls completely covered with every sale after that being pure profit. If the stock is way down at the point the calls finally get paid off it would be a trade similar to what Jeff does with UVXY. He buys way OTM LEAP calls and then sells shorter term against those.

After having a mixture of synthetic and long call positions, I’m starting to lean towards just the long calls. Simpler to see exactly where you stand and less slop when trying to finally book the position.

Bought to Close CRUS APR 13 2018 40.5 Calls @ .05

Sold CRUS APR 20 2018 39.5 Calls @ .45

MU #shortcalls Sold the April…

MU #shortcalls Sold the April 20 54.5 Call @ 0.55 when MU was at 51.64.

#spxcampaign closed Apr 11 2620/2650…

closed Apr 11 2620/2650 BuPS for 10.50, sold yesterday morning for 9.50, spent afternoon sweating it out however.

MU #Long call Morning all….

MU #longcalls Morning all. I decided to go Long June 50 call @ 4.85 with MU @ 50.86. Slow getting it off this morning. I will sell weekly 55 calls once the buying settles down. This is paired with the short puts from yesterday.

Selling puts on RSX

Sold $RSX May 18 19 puts @ .54

Good Mornin

Good Morning