VXX part 2


Sold $UVXY Apr 20th 26 calls for 1.45
Closed UVXY May 18th 20 call for 4.00. Sold for 2.50 on March 19th. This is my only position ITM. Closed one today and will close the other, and roll them to Sept higher strike.

Bought $VXX May 18th 30 puts for .05. I already had a couple of these; looking like a loss but why not add a handful more to make it a lottery ticket?

SPX calls closed

#SPXcampaign Closed $SPX April 13th 2745/2770 call spreads for .50. Sold in a #CondorRoll for 6.30 on 3/26… the call side was sold for 2.95.

#shortputs CRUS On March 16,…

#shortputs CRUS

On March 16, on a Motley fool recommendation(to buy the stock, not the option), I sold an April 20 40/45 put spread, just threw the 40 dollar, 40 put in for margin purposes, the short put being 1.85. My timing was impeccable as CRUS illogically is now at 38.75. I rolled the short 45 to June for a credit of 1.08, sold the April 40 long put for 2.35, staying naked on the June 45 short put. Of course, if CRUS was a buy at 45….

On the bright side…


Another Downside Warning possible?

#VIXIndicator We exceeded 25% above Thursday’s close which is an additional signal. Secondary signals/warnings like this can sometimes signal a bottom, but it’s impossible to be sure. For those keeping track on this double-header correction:

1/16: First signal of trouble ahead/cancel Upside Warning
1/26: SPX high
1/29: Downside WARNING
1/30: 2nd warning
2/2: 3rd warning
2/5: six warnings in one day (a record)
2/9: SPX low
2/23: downside warning canceled
2/28: New downside WARNING
3/22: 2nd and 3rd warnings
Today: SPX lowest since 2/9


STO May18 16 puts @ 1.20


STO January 2019, 55 puts @4.70

Thanks to Fuzzball for the idea. I think I am going to stop selling puts or doing anything until I feel we have reached a bottom.