#pietrades I was planning on…


I was planning on letting this get called out tomorrow but since the premiums are there for the rolls I will take the cash.

TNA rolled this week 69 CC to next for 0.91 credit. Cost basis now 65.72 so I have some room to play with.

GM this week 38.5 CC rolled out 2 weeks for 0.29 credit. Cost basis 38.04. Just can’t seem to get rid of this one, want it gone to free up the capital for other uses. I think I am on week 14 roll now and still have not scratched it. At this point, I refuse to take a loss, just keep rolling down and out until it is eventually scratched. Taking this off the #pietrade list, moves around more than the option premium allows.

I will either a) have a lot expiring tomorrow or b) rolling a lot depending on how the premiums look at the open. Either way I will book profits or add cash, last few weeks have been great for padding cash into trades and now time to reap the profits.


Option Alert @OptionAlert
Total preliminary option volume of 19.7million today is 3% above recent average. Calls led puts 11.10M to 8.57M..

XOP #ShortCalls Bought to close…

XOP #ShortCalls Bought to close my April 27th 38.50 calls for 1.15. There was only .01 left in theta and I am of the belief that energy is going higher from here. So I decided to let my long stock have a chance. I might cover it up for May if it falters.


#SyntheticStock – I can tell this one is gonna try and run up through my strike and spoil my profit plan for the week, so BTC SLB Apr27’18 71 calls for 0.08, sold for 0.33. Gonna wait til tomorrow to sell calls for next week.

AMZN earnings

#Earnings Trying what has become my usual on this one: #IronButterfly
Looking at 25-pt and 30-pt wide centered on 1525. Gigantically favorable R:R.


Closed the 2020 Fuzzy trade @12.30, for a profit of .47 cents. I Just did not like this trade.

BTC April 27, 93 call,

STC 2020, 88call

BTC 2020, 88 put

STC 2020, 86 put


#shortstraddle #earnings X Tastytrade idea…

#shortstraddle #earnings X
Tastytrade idea sold May 18 straddle for 4.25

#shortputspread WYNN Following the lead…

#shortputspread WYNN
Following the lead of yesterday’s WYNN discussion sold May 18, 162.50/172.50 for 1.26.

FAS….Another good week….rolled my 4/27…

Another good week….rolled my 4/27 67 call to 5/4 66.50 call for $0.82 credit #syntheticstock

QQQ BTC my April 27th…

QQQ BTC my April 27th 161 call @ 1.15 with QQQ @ 161.01. I will open a May 4th short call later.

FB Fuzzy

Closed my 2020 FB Fuzzy AT 34.10, the trade was put on for 27.00.

BTC April 27 call

STC 2020 165 call

BTC 2020 165 put

BTC 2020 160 put

SPX condor roll

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX May 11th 2500/2525/2750/2775 condors for 3.10, as a #CondorRoll from put spread stopped yesterday.

SPX calls sold

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX May 4th 2690/2715 call spreads for 6.40. This offsets the $10 put spread sold yesterday with same expiry. Fairly aggressive condor of expiration a week from tomorrow.

#shortputs #postearnings #fallingknife T Sold…

#shortputs #postearnings #fallingknife T
Sold July 20, 33 put for 1.20, stock is at 33.39, down about 5% after earnings