Only a few.

WBA 60 puts

ALK 55 puts

STZ 200puts

EXAS 40 puts

CELG 97 covered calls

OLED 100 puts assigned

Long Calls URI / SPX Campaign / Short Puts / Rolling / Expiration

$URI BTO 9/21 165/180 BUCS for 7.00
$SPX STO 5/18 2510/2535 BUPS at 1.70 Thank you @jeffcp66
$SPX STO 4/25 2665/2690 BUPS at 4.60 Thank you @jeffcp66 Better luck this time.

$SKX STO 4/27 31 put at 1.00 Thank you @honkhonk81 Falling Shoe Trade
$URI STO 5/4/2018 160/165 BUPS at 1.40

$SCHN BTC 4/20 36 put and STO 5/18 36 put at .30 added credit
$MZOR BTC 4/20 70 put and STO 5/18 70 put for added .70 credit

$NFLX 340/335 BECS
$SPX 2795/2770 BECS Thank you @jeffcp66
$TSLA 305/300 BECS more than offset by
$TSLA 295/300 BUPS Missed the tail on the donkey with pinning! ;-}
$FB 170/175 BUPS Total Loss
$NKTR 90/100 Total Loss
$FB 135/145 BUPS
$NFLX 275/280 BUPS
$NFLX 260/270 BUPS
$SPX 2665/2690 BUPS Big Loss but not Total but still BIG OUCH! Will I ever learn?
$CAT 125/135 BUPS
$AMZN 1360/1390 BUPS
$GOOGL 1030/1035 BUPS
$FB 140/150 BUPS
$ALGN 230/240 BUPS
$WHR 120 put Thank you @ramie77
$SIG 35 put Thank you @optioniceman
$TWTR 31 put
$MSFT 92.5 put
$RIG 10 put

Options Expiration for Apr 20

$AMZN 1450/1400 BuPS
$AMZN 1360/1370/1620/1630 IC
$APA 32.50 puts
$BA 310/320/345/355 IC
$BA 310/300 BuPS
$CAT 140/130 BuPS
$DUST 35 calls
$FB 162.50/152.50 BuPS
$HSIC 62.50 puts
$KOLD 55 calls
$MA 120 puts
$NFLX 260 puts
$OLED 90 puts
$QQQ 155 puts
$QQQ 156 puts
$REGN 300 puts
$SPY 263/251 BuPS
$TSLA 325/335 BeCS
$TSLA 327.50/342.50 BeCS
$UVXY 20/30 BeCS

Expiring for full loss. Will look to re-establish after earnings:
$FB 175/170 BuPS

Last minute roll: $KR Apr 20 25 puts out to May 18 25 puts for .42 credit to avoid assignment.

$QRVO 72.50 puts–going long stock. I meant to roll this but I lost track of it this afternoon. Will sell calls against it next week.
$CYBR 50 covered calls–stock being called away
$X 40/36 inverted strangle–with the stock finishing at 36.65, I’m being assigned on both sides–5.90 credit taken in so a 1.90 overall profit.

Have a great weekend everyone.



Closed #Fuzzy as hedge took me out, small profit.

#pietrade 1 roll today, otherwise…


1 roll today, otherwise letting everything else assign/close/expire worthless and will re-load Monday.

TNA today 69 CC rolled to next week for 0.94 credit. Took advantage of the weakness to load more cash. Cost basis now 66.63.

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign Sold $SPX May 17th 2775/2800 call spreads for 1.55.

Sold SPX May 14th 2675/2650 put spreads for 10.25. Another aggressive roll but with a more manageable time frame.

Joining the TQQQ Queue

#LongLEAPs Bought to Open $TQQQ Jan 2020 150 call for 41.00. To break even, underlying only has to reach its all-time high from last month, and I got 21 months to do it. Meanwhile, I’ll be selling calls against it.

#bullcallspreads, #fuzzy, #leaps, #longcalls