#optionexpiration Afternoon all. Assigned FAS…

#optionexpiration Afternoon all.
FAS 65 Puts
SQ 51 Puts
OIH 27 Puts
Thanks for all the ideas and guidance. Have a great weekend.


Besides me ;-),

$FB 150 puts Thank you @ramie77
$SPX 2400/2425 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66

Pleasant weekend to all.

Signing off

I am going to the gym early. Fridays tend to be quiet after lunch time on the east coast so not much to do.

My FAS 67 calls will expire and I will wait until Monday to sell them again on the fuzzy trade.

My TQQQ 160 calls will also expire and I pre sold the May 4, 155 calls this morning at 2.10 and if they expire will have reduced my cost by 11% in 3 weeks. I will be much happier when it is 100% and have a year to go before expiration.

Have a nice weekend to everyone.

Rolling OLED

Well my idea for a 1 week roll pre-earnings on this didn’t work. Stock was 94.45 when I did that last Friday. I’m short the 100 puts. Thought that if there was a bit of a rally in the stock I could get out near my basis of 97.75. Didn’t happen. So I’m rolling to May, past next week’s earnings announcement.
Rolled $OLED Apr 27 100 puts out to May 100 puts for 2.46 credit. Basis reduction so far is 4.71 so I’m looking for around 95 or so by expiration. Of course if earnings disappoint this has the potential to be another long term roll project.

FB roll

#Earnings #CoveredCallCampaign #StrangleRoll #ShortStrangles
Closed $FB Apr 27th 170 call for 2.95. Sold for 1.00 on Wednesday.
Sold FB May 18th 165/180 strangle for 2.92.

Back To Risky Business

$TSLA STO 4/27 300/290 BECS at 2.10

Another Early Close

$FB BTC 5/11 190/180 BECS at 1.00 STO at 1.38

#fallingknife X is down 12%

X is down 12%

#jadelizard #ironcondor FB A little…

#jadelizard #ironcondor FB

A little more enticing than long term short puts on cable companies, followed Fauzia at Tastytrade , June 15, 170/175/175/195 for 7.35


May 18 trade, 3 weeks to expiration.

STO 1360/1310 Bull put spread @ 1.20

STO 1800/1850 Bear call spread @ .77