SPX roll

#SPXcampaign #Rolling Sold $SPX Apr 25th 2680/2655 put spreads for 5.65 after the bell, as a roll from the spread stopped earlier.

BABA roll

#CoveredCallCampaign #ShortPuts

Closed $BABA Apr 20th 190 put for 7.95, to avoid early assignment tonight. Sold for 3.85 on March 15th.
#Rolling Sold BABA May 4th 187.5 put for 9.55. Moved down a strike and after earnings.

#earnings #shortstrangles SKX Sold May…

#earnings #shortstrangles SKX

Sold May 18, 37/47 for 1.70

Covered Call CBOE / Falling Knife (?) URI BUPS

$CBOE STO 5/4 113 call at 1.20 (covered)
$URI STO 5/18 150/160 BUPS at 1.60 Falling Knife?

Rolling OLED

With earnings on 5/3 I decided to roll my ITM Apr 20 100 puts out only 1 week, for .85 credit, instead of going into the May expiration and having earnings in the cycle. I figure I’d give it another week to recover a bit and maybe be able to take it off by next Friday. With the credit, basis has been reduced by 2.25 so I would need the stock at 97.75 or higher next Friday to be able to do that.
Rolled $OLED Apr 20 100 puts out to Apr 27 100 puts for .85 credit.

#FallingKnife trades Thanks to @optioniceman…

#FallingKnife trades
Thanks to @optioniceman for the ideas.
$CLX Oct 19 100 puts @ 1.35
$PM Sep 21 75 puts @ 1.70
$HSY Nov 16 80 puts @ 1.35
$ADS Jun 15 180 puts @ 1.50
$ADS Sep 21 150 put @ 2.00 (lowest strike)


#SyntheticStock – BTC EWW Apr27’18 55 calls for 0.07, sold a couple days ago for 0.31. Gonna wait and sell more calls for next week after I see if EWW bounces off the 200 day sma, which it is hitting.