#LongCalls #IRA – Another week in the books selling against Jan 2019 45.0 calls. This particular position was started Feb 28 for 6.90 requiring 15 cents per week to cover. Already recovered 2.55 after today’s sale. The stock has dropped almost from the very beginning but overall showing only a small loss.

At this pace the calls will be completely paid for by the end of May leaving 7 more months of selling that will go straight to the bottom line. I’m not sure how it will work out but it seems like it would be fun to have a bunch of these with the calls completely covered with every sale after that being pure profit. If the stock is way down at the point the calls finally get paid off it would be a trade similar to what Jeff does with UVXY. He buys way OTM LEAP calls and then sells shorter term against those.

After having a mixture of synthetic and long call positions, I’m starting to lean towards just the long calls. Simpler to see exactly where you stand and less slop when trying to finally book the position.

Bought to Close CRUS APR 13 2018 40.5 Calls @ .05

Sold CRUS APR 20 2018 39.5 Calls @ .45