ROKU Earnings

#Earnings – Stand back….this thing could be at 30 or 100 now that I’m in. After WTW and OLED I’m only doing a single strangle.

Sold 1 ROKU NOV 9 2018 50.0/70.0 Strangle @ 2.54

SQ trade

#Earnings Since we have two days for this to drift around, I’m shooting for the center, hoping that any gap will be closed by Friday.

Sold to open $SQ Nov 9th 77.5/82.5/87.5 #IronButterfly for 4.00. Max risk 1.00.

LM – taking a gain

Bought to close 1 LM 11/16/2018 30.00 Put @ 1.00. Sold this one on 9/11 @ 1.35.
It is still ITM almost a point so paying intrinsic value so I don’t get assigned next week.

Closing some UVXY

I’m not putting on many naked short calls on this one these days but the ones I do are on a short leash.
Bought to close $UVXY Jan 18 2019 112 calls @ 1.70. Sold for 4.40 and 6.20 on 10/18 and 10/23.

DWDP – out with a gain

Bought to close DWDP 01/18/2019 55.00 Puts @ 1.00 to close out my positions in this stock.
Sold on 10/10 @ 1.27 and 1.57. Then the stock blew right through the strike price down to 51.32 8 trading days ago.

I’m happy to be out for now. I’m in a risk-off mode and this rally is helping me.


#LongPuts #LEAPS #ShortCalls – Now that we’re easing back into contango I’m going to lower the number of short calls I have at risk at any given time so gradually closing those for nice profits. I’ll continue selling one (or two) every week at the top of my put ladder. Short 10 puts against one short call would give me protection for about 30-40 points of upside depending on the week of the call sale. I would welcome the opportunity to roll the short call and let the puts expire…

Bought to Close UVXY NOV 16 2018 70.0 Call @ .38 (sold for 3.40)
Sold UVXY NOV 16 2018 50.0 Call @ 3.00

Analyzing just the call sale against the short puts gives this. The downside is exaggerated here since I’ve unchecked the LEAP puts that I’m long.


#ironcondor AMZN Closed yesterday’s IC…

#ironcondor AMZN

Closed yesterday’s IC for 1.10. sold yesterday for 2.03.