Expirations and Trade

Been off the grid for the last two weeks.
Started up again this week.
Glad to be back in the bistro.

$SPX 2745/2755 BUPS Inspired by @jeffcp66. Thank you.
$WTW 72 calls (covered) Still own stock at rock bottom price 😉
$BABA 155 calls (covered)
$AAPL 207.5 calls (covered)
$TWLO 60/83 strangle STO @ 2.23 BTC @ 8.00
$Z 34/47 strangle STO @ 1.50 Will be assigned shares at 34 Basis 32.5

$AMZN STO 11/16 1575/1625 BUPS at 5.50 Thank you @ramie77

Great weekend to all and thanks to all the veterans who served our country.

SPX 1-dte

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX Nov 12th 2710/2730/2815/2835 for 1.25. Expires Monday.

Happy Veteran’s Day

@jeffcp66 Love the wallpaper and the free golf in Nassau County courses on Sunday

#shortstock PAG Nov. 2, sold…

#shortstock PAG

Nov. 2, sold 100 shares short for 45.08, bought to cover today for 44.04, however I missed ex-div yesterday so will pay the .37 dividend.

#shortcallspreads TSLA Following Iceman’s TSLA…

#shortcallspreads TSLA

Following Iceman’s TSLA concept, sold Nov. 16, 370/380 for 1.29.


In my IRA, BTO January 2021, 60 calls @15.60, need .14 cents per week to break even.

#earnings #ironbutterfly #closing DIS Yesterday…

#earnings #ironbutterfly #closing DIS

Yesterday sold Nov. 16, 105/115/115/125 for 4.27, essentially a straddle with protection, bought to close the shorts for 3.66. Leaving the longs that are with about 2.00 each, Disney lotto, stock is at 117.