Expirations and Trade

Been off the grid for the last two weeks.
Started up again this week.
Glad to be back in the bistro.

$SPX 2745/2755 BUPS Inspired by @jeffcp66. Thank you.
$WTW 72 calls (covered) Still own stock at rock bottom price 😉
$BABA 155 calls (covered)
$AAPL 207.5 calls (covered)
$TWLO 60/83 strangle STO @ 2.23 BTC @ 8.00
$Z 34/47 strangle STO @ 1.50 Will be assigned shares at 34 Basis 32.5

$AMZN STO 11/16 1575/1625 BUPS at 5.50 Thank you @ramie77

Great weekend to all and thanks to all the veterans who served our country.

SPX 1-dte

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX Nov 12th 2710/2730/2815/2835 for 1.25. Expires Monday.

Happy Veteran’s Day

@jeffcp66 Love the wallpaper and the free golf in Nassau County courses on Sunday

#shortstock PAG Nov. 2, sold…

#shortstock PAG

Nov. 2, sold 100 shares short for 45.08, bought to cover today for 44.04, however I missed ex-div yesterday so will pay the .37 dividend.

#shortcallspreads TSLA Following Iceman’s TSLA…

#shortcallspreads TSLA

Following Iceman’s TSLA concept, sold Nov. 16, 370/380 for 1.29.


In my IRA, BTO January 2021, 60 calls @15.60, need .14 cents per week to break even.

#earnings #ironbutterfly #closing DIS Yesterday…

#earnings #ironbutterfly #closing DIS

Yesterday sold Nov. 16, 105/115/115/125 for 4.27, essentially a straddle with protection, bought to close the shorts for 3.66. Leaving the longs that are with about 2.00 each, Disney lotto, stock is at 117.

Econ Calendar for week of 11/12/18

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Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 10.17.10 AM

EC3 key

Link to calendar: https://us.econoday.com/byweek.asp?day=12&month=11&year=2018&cust=us&lid=0

Maybe not so long

#LongCallSpread Not a sunny day for bulls. Bought this yesterday but no going to watch it bleed away if this market is in a new downtrend.

Sold to close $AMZN Nov 23rd 1800/1810 long call spreads for 2.00. Bought yesterday for 2.70.

SPX rolled

#SPXcampaign Sold $SPX Nov 23rd 2630/2650/2850/2870 condors for 2.80, as a roll from 1-dte spread stopped earlier. I’ll stop this if premium on either side doubles to 5.60.


Sold $ATVI Dec 21 50 puts @ 1.10 with the stock at 55.62. Premium is better now.

DIS closed

#Earnings Sold to close $DIS Nov 9th 116/118/119 #BrokenWingButterfly for 1.39. Bought yesterday for .70. Hovering around my center strike, so closing before it drifts too far away.

BOIL stopped

#ContangoETFs I got a handful of $BOIL Jan 45 calls, so I need to start rolling out.

BTC 2 of them at 7.00 and 7.10. Sold for 2.40, avg price .

Will consider rolls next week. Need to see if this is going to keep pushing higher.

#bearcallspreads AMZN BTC Nov 09…

BTC Nov 09 1735/1785 call spread for 0.80, sold yesterday, with roll down today (1770 to 1735) for $8.40. Waiting for second tranche of 1738/1785 offer to buy for $1.05 which I sold this morning for $5.55

UVXY call spread

Sold $UVXY Nov 30 60/70 call spreads @ 1.15

AMZN put spread

Sold $AMZN Nov 16 1625/1575 BuPS @ 5.00 for next week’s expiration with the stock around 1716. Delta of the short strike is 16.

SPX 1-dte stopped

#SPXcampaign BTC $SPX Nov 9th 2765/2745 put spreads for 2.80. Condor sold at the close yesterday for 1.10. Leaving the calls to expire.

Once we breached 2775 I started riding my exit order. Unfortunately yesterday ended the day with such low volatility that the condor was not very wide to get the 1.00 minimum premium.

I’m continuing to do this on-going. I’m 2 and 2 so far, and about breakeven on P/L since losses are about same size as wins on average. Considering a longer term trade to roll this one while the 1-dte trades continue.

Z covered calls sold

#Earnings #Assignment #CoveredCalls Sold to open $Z Nov 30th 30 covered calls for 1.55.

I’ll be assigned the stock via 34 puts this weekend. This sale will put my cost basis at 31.00, so if called away it will be a 1.00 loss on the trade, which is okay, but hopefully I can get one more call sale in to profit.

Friday clean up

Had some things expiring and others just out of time value so #rolling, closing, adjusting.

TQQQ CC 63 rolled out to 42 DTE and down to 61 for 1.55 credit. CB now 59.10.
TQQQ lot 2 CC 63 same as above. Cb now 59.45.

QQQ 7 DTE 150/155 #supercharger sold to close for 4.92. Bought for 4.52 so about $132 profit on a 3 lot.

New TQQQ #supercharger 21 DTE 40/45 bought for 4.50.

Now just sitting on my hands until next week. Wish I had time to trade /NQ this morning, that would have been profitable.

Have a great weekend 🙂

Adding to TGT

#PreEarnings Added batch 2 out of possible 3. Looks like we may be done going down for the day. If I’m wrong, I’ll add batch 3 for less.

Bought $TGT Nov 23rd 89 calls for 1.75.

BOILing higher

#ContangoETFs New highs today. For those of you without the history, scroll through the daily chart back a few years. You’ll see it can have some strong pushes up, but it always comes back down. Since winter hasn’t started, we could see this uptrend continue for weeks. If you’re forced to roll, you can decide whether to stop out today, and wait to sell replacement calls days or weeks later. Be very careful selling puts. It can work great as we fly higher, but don’t sit in short puts waiting for the last few pennies. Take profits, because when this thing turns around, it’ll drop fast.

Just note, the effective price when this thing started in 2011 is 4,000. It WILL come down eventually.

TTD put spread

Sold $TTD Dec 21 100/90 BuPS @ 1.30

#bearcallspreads AMZN sold 1785/1735 Nov…


AMZN sold 1785/1735 Nov 09 calls for $8.40 and again $5.55 as prices fades below 1720 presently.

#butterfly NFLX TastyTrade idea, adjusted…

#butterfly NFLX

TastyTrade idea, adjusted the strikes to a Dec. 21, 250/260/260/265 put butterfly for .50, profitable above 255, stock at 308.

UVXY added

#VXXGame Sold $UVXY June 100 calls for 6.90

TTD closed

#Earnings BTC $TTD Nov 9th 100 puts for .20. The 100/90 put spreads sold yesterday for 1.75.


I read over on SMM that someone posted that Gartman says it is time to sell. I cannot confirm that info.


Closed Nov9 short puts for .20 and rolled to Nov16 expiration. Swapped SSO out and added UPRO.