#ShortCalls – Replacing this week’s…

Sold REGN NOV 30 2018 390.0 Call @ 2.50


#ShortPuts #IRA – First March position. 20.4% annualized…

Sold 1 TQQQ MAR 15 2019 35.0 Put @ 2.35

SPX 1-dte

#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX Nov 7th 2630/2650/2810/2830 condors for 1.30. Expires tomorrow.

Excellent premium available at a .05-.06 delta on the short strikes. Won’t be this easy after volatility drops.

History Lesson from Risk/Hedge

From RiskHedge

“So let’s steer clear of opinion and emotion. Instead, I want to focus solely on the facts that are relevant to you as an investor. As you’ll see, you don’t need to waste even one second worrying about which party will win on Tuesday. I was surprised by what we found.
Since 1946, there have been 18 midterm elections. Stocks were higher 12 months after every single one. Every single one. That’s 18 for 18. Even though we’ve had every possible political combination in the past 72 years. Republican president with Democratic Congress. Democratic president with Republican Congress. Republican president and Congress. Democratic president and Congress.
Since 1946, stocks have risen an average of 17% in the year after a midterm. And if you measure from the yearly midterm lows, the results are even better. From their lows, stocks jumped an average of 32% over the next 12 months. For perspective, that’s more than double the average performance for stocks in all years. We’re also entering the third year of a presidential term, which is historically the strongest year for stocks.”

#shortputspread AMZN TastyTrade idea sold…

#shortputspread AMZN

TastyTrade idea sold Dec. 21 1600/1605 put spread for 2.03.

TWLO Earnings

#Earnings #IronFlies – Just for fun…need about half the expected move. Low probability but low risk.

Sold 1 TWLO NOV 9 2018 66.0/71.0/76.0 Iron Fly @ 4.26

Adding to TQQQ

#LongLEAPs Bought $TQQQ Jan 2020 66.67 calls for 8.15. Adding to my position. Avg cost (not including #SyntheticCoveredCalls) now 10.12. Hard to believe I paid 17.60 for the first one.

Also, BTC $TQQQ Nov 9th 56 calls for .35. Sold for 1.30 last Wednesday.

Now that I have a full position the call selling will continue to bring down cost basis. I won’t necessarily be holding this very long… I may close it if we reach new highs at the end of this year. I’m not so optimistic about the bull market lasting through 2019.