Catching up on today’s trades

Took some profits on GTC orders.
Bought to close:
$DUST Dec 21 45 calls @ .35. Sold for 1.25 on 8/13.
$DUST Mar 15 2019 64 call @ .37 Sold for 2.10 on 8/23.
$PCG Nov 23 14 puts @ .06. Sold for 1.40 on 11/15 (thanks @optioniceman)
$WHR Dec 21 100 puts @ .48. Sold for 1.40-1.65 on 7/25.
$SFIX Dec 21 22 puts @ 1.30. Sold for 1.38 on 10/2. Taking off for around breakeven/small profit; will stand pat with the other rungs of the ladder I sold on 10/2–Nov 24 puts taken off for most of the max profit 2 weeks ago, and leaving the short Mar 15 18 puts out there, I decided to lower my exposure to this one a bit.

$NVDA has now been cut in half

From its early Oct highs

TQQQ calls closed

#LongLEAPs #SyntheticCoveredCalls

BTC $TQQQ Nov 23rd 50 calls for .15. Sold Thursday for 1.15.

#coveredcallcampaign Sold Dec. calls that…

Sold Dec. calls that are covered on some stocks today (I know it’s a down day);


I am getting killed on this from mark to market.

STO December 7, 55 calls @ .92 on half my position but this covers my weekly nut of .15 cents. I can still sell the other half on a rally to earn more than my weekly premium when it does recover in the next 3 weeks.

SPX 1-dte

#SPXcampaign Stopped out on my 2685/2665 put spread for 3.75. Will roll into a longer term spread.

TRADES: Mostly sitting on my hands.

DBX STO 11/23/18 21.5 CALLS @.50

BOIL UNG and nat gas…

NFLX put spread

Another out of the money put spread on a stock heavily extended to the downside. Short strike 15 delta. Sold $NFLX Dec 21 225/215 BuPS @ 1.20.

#fuzzy GILD rolled 4 DTE…


GILD rolled 4 DTE 70/70 out to 25 DTE for 1.02 credit.

Cost basis now 10.31 and still have 112 weeks to manage.

Starting to agree with @fuzzballl, the extra time on these makes it a lot easier to ride out market volatility.

However, I am trying to trade them #pietrades style to keep cash coming in. Seems to work, I doubled my cash balance in the core account with just 2 trades this morning (was not much to start with, only $1100). But now I have enough to add some more contracts somewhere at better prices 🙂

AMZN put spread

Sold $AMZN Dec 21 1390/1385 BuPS @ 1.20. Did this trade in a couple of smaller accounts hence the tight spread of 5 points. I’ll likely have to hold this longer than if I sold let’s say a 20 point wide spread to get to my profit target, but I like what Tom Sosnoff would call the “pot odds” on this. A reversal and bounce here would probably run into some serious resistance in the mid 1600s but I’d probably be out of the trade by then. Recent low 1476; delta of the short strike is 21.

If you were lamenting not buying FB

2 years ago, this may be your chance. Stock getting close to where it traded at the beginning of 2017.
I’ll keep selling small put positions at lower prices and will look for a bull put spread opportunity on evidence of a reversal.

UVXY trades

#VXXGame Sold to Open $UVXY June 90/140 call spreads for 5.70.
Also, earlier, I bought 2 Dec 7th 110 calls for .26, which relieved over $5K in buying power.


A big down day except for The Cheesecake Factory and Denny’s-go figure

So much for the Santa Claus/holiday rally?!

Ouch on the /NQ.

Rolled EXPE 12 DTE 125 put out to 29 DTE for 0.65 credit. Cb now 12.33 on the 125/125/126 #fuzzy. I may actually roll it down later and take out some built up credit.


#LongPuts #LEAPS – Over selling slightly against the 2020 long puts. Would like to get this down to a zero risk trade before nat gas implodes in the spring. Stops set on previous sales…

Sold UNG DEC 14 2018 30.0 Puts @ .80


#ShortCalls – Re-loading….

Bought to Close OLED NOV 23 2018 108.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for 1.00)

Sold OLED NOV 30 2018 95.0 Calls @ 1.15

SQ calls closed

#LongLEAPs #SyntheticCoveredCalls
BTC $SQ Nov 23rd 74 calls for .12. Sold Thursday for 1.16.
Since I’m long LEAPs I kind of wish these calls didn’t devalue so quickly.


#ContangoETFs Sold $KOLD Dec 21st 12 put for 2.30.

TSLA condor

#IronCondor Sold to open $TSLA Nov 23rd 340/350/380/390 condors for 2.94. Expire Friday. This is a bullish placement… I actually meant to make it dead center but screwed up the put strikes. It does seem headed higher in honey-badger fashion.

#shortputs PCG Following Iceman’s concept,…

#shortputs PCG
Following Iceman’s concept, sold Dec. 7, 17 put for 1.10.