Only one today.


LABU 75 calls against my 115 calls that expire in 2021. I will sell more on Monday.

Options Expiration 11/16/18

#OptionsExpiration A couple of losers this week:

$NVDA 185/180 put spreads, sold for 1.10 yesterday. Decided not to take stock due to heavy margin cost. I’ll get it back by making bullish plays, but wait for a better sign of QQQ and NVDA recovering.

$SPX long 284 calls. Bought for 1.71 average, back in the early days of this correction, where I was believing it would be a quicker “V” shaped October.

#shortputspread #rolling WYNN woes Beside…

#shortputspread #rolling WYNN woes
Besides being assigned shares at an outrageous basis, I have a Dec. 21 110/120 put spread that was meant to help me out, has been rolled up and out. Ex-div day is next week, don’t want any more underwater shares, so just in case I rolled to January and paid a debit of .50 for the privilege. Expanding the spread by 5 points would bring in about 2.50.
A short 110 call expires in a few minutes. I recommend they reprogram the slots and lower the payback rate.

KOLD put

#ContangoETFs Sold $KOLD Dec 13 put for 2.30. A safer bet since KOLD is closer to zero than the BOIL calls are to infinity.

SPX 1-dte

#SPXcampaign STO $SPX Nov 19th 2665/2685-2780/2800 condors for 1.15. Volatility the lowest of the week, so this is a much narrower condor than the previous one. I’m expecting it to be a low volume week, but those can sometimes result in fairly quick rallies.

#shortputs KOLD Sold Dec. 21,…

#shortputs KOLD

Sold Dec. 21, 11 put for 1.55.

#ironcondor BA TastyTrade idea, sold…

#ironcondor BA

TastyTrade idea, sold Dec. 21 300/305/370/375 for 1.36


#ShortPuts #IRA – Replacing the 100 put closed earlier…

Sold SOXL JAN 18 2019 85.0 Put @ 6.80

BOIL call

#ContangoETFs Sold to Open $BOIL March 105 call for 6.80. Building back recent losses slowly.


#CoveredCalls #ShortPuts – Out of the 100 put and now need a pullback for the 100 calls.

Bought to Close SOXL NOV 16 2018 100.0 Put @ .25 (sold for 3.50)