Whiz….just missed him

LMAO….Whiz was leaving Vegas today after the trader’s expo and flew out on the airplane I brought in. Wish I woulda known ahead of time. Could have given him a link to the Bistro! 🙂 🙂

BTW…he was in coach. What the heck is that all about??


#shortcallspreads AMZN Still trying to…

Still trying to get this right. I sold a Nov 16 1650/1700 call spread for $5.90cr, added a 1650/1675 call spread for $4.50cr. AMZN was rallying to 1608. Even with daily spikes up $40 I should be safe with price at 1600 at close. Each day the price settles lower by end of day. It can be quite a ride in between though.

#shortcallspreads AMZN Nov 14 expiration,…


AMZN Nov 14 expiration, decided to close out today short leg first trying to maximize gain on small rally. I ended up giving up $2 by timing poorly.
BTC Nov 16 1640/1670 for 10.90, sold for 13 Monday, and STC Nov 16 1630/1660 for $13.60 sold for 12.10 – should have waited till end of day. I sold shortly after noon expecting a rally like last 2 days. Still trying to get this timing right.

#shortcallspreads SPX sell 2720/2735 spread…


SPX sell 2720/2735 spread expiring today (30 min) for 0.75cr, expired worthless.
Also 2715/2725 spread for $1.70 also expired worthless. last 30 min.


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Triple selling these. Stops on previous two sales…

Sold EWW NOV 30 2018 43.5 Calls @ .38


#BearCallSpreads – Selling these in the money. Worked great on the big spike a few years ago so trying again. Starting with just one…

Sold BOIL MAR 15 2019 50.0/60.0 Bear Call Spread @ 4.27

#shortstock XME Sold short 100…

#shortstock XME

Sold short 100 shares of XME for 30.50.


PBYI STO 11/30/18 23.0 CALLS @1.10
PBYI STO 11/16/18 22.0 CALLS @.56
SFIX STO 11/16/18 27.5 CALLS @.25 I have only these two stocks and their short puts and calls at this time. They are working well for me. Can’t be nervous tho’. All the above calls are covered.

And the winner is:

#fuzzies during the market volatility. Makes sense, the spread offsets both sides and the income from selling options helps cushion the drop.

Trying to get back into #pietrades but market not really cooperating at the moment.

I am not the directional…

I am not the directional guy but while eating lunch /NQ just pushed to new 20 day lows on a 5 minute chart and bounced fairly quickly. Not saying this is a bottom but on market profile there is a lot less volume here so any reversal is likely to snap back to 6865 fairly quickly.

What is @fibwizard showing?

Next big levels above that are 6977 and 7104. Big volume at the 6977 level.