Rolled my TSLA Bear calls up and out another week
Bought to close 320 Calls/ Sold 322.5 Calls for next week
Bought to close 335 Call/ Sold 340 Call for Next week
Bought back my 360 Call for this week at 0.01. Sold on 10/29 @ 3.30.
Have not replaced it just yet. Let’s see how the stock opens Monday


Sold OLED NOV 9 2018 105.0 Calls @ 2.82 against my long stock.
Will be looking at weekly sales against my Jan 2019 long calls next week.


#SPXcampaign Sold to Open $SPX Nov 5th 2625/2645/2765/2785 Iron Condors for 1.20. Expire Monday.

SBUX dbl calendar

#Earnings Biggest move in years means #DoubleCalendar is no good…

Sold to close $SBUX Nov2/Nov9 59 double calendars closed for .07. Bought yesterday for .48.

I closed the calls, but the left the short put to expire and the long put as a lottery ticket next week.

Bond prices and the election?

This article is a few months old but would you guys agree with this? Not being left or right politically just wondering if Dems controlling the house would be a catalyst for bonds to rise? I’ve got some TLT exposure in the event of a rally so debating about booking a big chunk of it Monday.


Poll results

35% higher
47% lower
18% sideways

Since the poll SPX is up 5-8 points


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Got through earnings with close to the number I wanted. Booking a fairly quick one here so I can concentrate on moving away from individual stocks in these types of plays. Like the ETFs better for long term trading. Fifth time being in and out of BABA this year…

Sold to Close BABA JAN 15 2021 150.0 Calls
Bought to Close BABA NOV 2 2018 150.0 Calls

All said and done it’s a 2.24 winner in a big ‘ol 2 lot. 🙂