Anyone see Kiyosaki is getting into the options education business?


Added batch 2 in a different account that had some cash left.
#fuzzy 70 2021/70 8 DTE for 11.33. 113 weeks to hopefully sell against.

Market still whippy. Picked up kids and /NQ down 50+ from the highs.

NVDA earnings trade

#Earnings Sold to Open $NVDA Nov 16th 185/180 put spreads for 1.11. Short strike is -7.7% OTM, and NVDA biggest downside move was -5.3% (in last 12 quarters)

#shortcallspreads AMZN Well I managed…

Well I managed to short at the bottom again.
BTC Nov 16 1685 call for $41, sold this morning at $8.20, waited to close long side STC 1640 for $6.75, bought 0.70.

This was a small portion of my position as I see price dropping precipitously. At least I learned not to sell all when pain is intense. Next, learn to pass when price moved dramatically, unless brave enough to go against trend and keep it small initially.

SPX 1-dte action

#SPXcampaign Everything just started happening on this spike down. Multiple orders filled:

BTC $SPX Nov 15th (monthlys) 2765/2785 call spreads for .30. Puts closed earlier for .05. Condor sold yesterday for 1.05. Removed overnight gap risk.

Sold to Open $SPX Nov 16th 2630/2650/2790/2810 condors for 1.15. The volatility bump got me filled. Mid-price said only .80 a few minutes ago.

Also: Bought to Open $VIX Jan15th 16 puts for .75. My Nov puts didn’t work, my Dec puts might, and now I have Jan!

#coveredputs CLR Yesterday I sold…

#coveredputs CLR

Yesterday I sold 100 shares short of CLR for 45.94. Chart one up for #impeccabletiming, it is up 1.50 today. Sold a Nov. 23, 46 put for .60. Seems to be a lot of premium in the options, IV is pretty high, we’re past earnings and no dividends.

#earnings NVDA AMAT NVDA sold…

#earnings NVDA AMAT
NVDA sold Dec. 21, 125/135/255/265 #ironcondor for 1.02
AMAT sold Dec. 21, 29/39 #shortstrangles for 1.01
Thanks for the data Jeff