#LongCalls – I agree with Whiz and @jsd501 . Facebook isn’t going out of business any time soon and premiums are fantastic. Going with the basic long calls and selling against them. Only 1.50 more out of pocket up front but a 2.70 less max loss vs the synthetic.

Bought to Open FB JAN 18 2019 160.0 Calls @ 18.50

Only going out to Jan 2019 so 41 weeks to cover max loss requires 45 cents per week. This particular trade doesn’t even seem that directional. With the premiums available (Zuck testifying and earnings approaching) a big chunk of this will be recovered in the first 3 weeks. Even at just a dollar a week the trade makes 22.50.


Sold FB APR 13 2018 162.5 Calls @ 1.64